Coyote Watch:Coyote Chronicle

By Marlyn Rodriguez |Staff Writer|

Students share what they want featured in the Coyote Chronicle.


“I would want to see ¬†upcoming events, where we could voice our opinion and influence change within our campus versus hearing about it after the fact. It could be as easy as advertising or adding a calendar with upcoming events.”

-Aimee Villalpando, Senior, Intercultural Communications


“I would like to see something about internships and help on how to figure out something to help with planning for after graduation. I suggest internet sites, our other resources.”

-Joy Dittemore, Mass Communications, Senior


“Segment on literature by students.”

-Jessica Carra, Junior, Psychology


“More about research that’s happening on campus. As well as what is going on campus construction wise.”

-Stephanie Flohr, Nursing, Junior

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