COYOTE WATCH: What do you have to say?

Sara Chin Graduate student

By Yeana Kim |Staff writer|

A large variety of TV shows are coming up in 2013. This week at CSUSB students are anticipating the airing of some of their favorite shows.

“I am willing to watch “Modern Family” and “Breaking Bad.” I like “Modern Family” because it is funny and it is humorous,” said graduate student Sara Chin.

Chin also mentions that the show looks at what we now consider modern, like a Southern California family living in Los Angeles and it looks at generational differences, sexual orientation differences and the idea of growing up, which makes the show serious, yet funny and approachable.

“I am looking forward to watch ‘Once Upon a Time.’ This TV program shows us present and past at the same time with the same people in the same relationship.

As a Korean, the story of Snow White in this TV program is very new to me and seems like an Americanized version compared to the story I used to read when I was a child.”


“I prefer the TV show ‘The Walking Dead.’ It is a story about how survivors of a zombie apocalypse are struggling to survive in a world of ‘walkers.’ I really like watching horror and it is the only good zombie show.

Unlike other ghost or demon movies and TV shows I believe zombies could be created by diseases or gene manipulation. Therefore, it is very realistic and scary to me.”

“I’m anxious to see the new season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” because I thinks it is hilarious. The cast seems genuinely talented and I have yet to watch an episode that has not made me laugh.

I also can’t wait to see ‘Bates Motel’ simply because of the film it is based on. I want to see how loyal they stay to the original plot.

I am looking forward to watching ‘The American’ as well because it has to do with spies and conspiracies and those that have sparked my interest, not sure why though.”

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