Coyote spirit: more whimpers than howls

By Nic Gibbs |Staff Writer|

I wanted to find out what the climate of school spirit really was on this campus.

I know my own feelings about being a Coyote and it has been a struggle to convince myself that this is a good place to be, but I wanted to know more about how my fellow students feel.

To do so, I interviewed 100 CSUSB students here on campus.

I asked them to rate their school spirit from one to 10 with one being lowest and to tell me how many CSUSB sponsored events they attended this past year.

Here is what they told me.

On average the amount of events attended was five. Although this number seems high, there were 30 students who haven’t attended any events this year and 55 students who attended three or fewer.

The school spirit meter average for the 100 students surveyed landed at five.

While not encouraging, this really isn’t that bad for a school that is known to be a commuter school.  If you think about it, this puts us in a place where we are waiting for something to call us into more action.

“It’s hard when the best teams on campus are the volleyball and basketball team,” said Brett Webber. This idea was popular amongst most students who said that if we had a football team, things might be different.

I also asked students whether or not CSUSB was their first choice of schools they wanted to attend. Sixty percent of which said no, and as Willie Sanders put it; “This was like my last resort.”

Most of the people I spoke to said the responsibility to foster school spirit lies in both the school’s and the students’ hands.

I don’t think we are living up to our part.

I think that if we really cared and really wanted to, we could change the environment of this campus.  If every student made it a point to attend a few campus events a quarter, I believe we would be shocked as to the attitudes that would change on campus.

Forget football.

There are plenty of other things here on campus that can help move our spirit meter up.

First, if you haven’t heard about the Model United Nations program on campus you should. Go Google “CSUSB Model United Nations” and start reading. I promise your pride for this campus will increase.

Second, who cares if the best sports on campus are basketball and volleyball.

Take some friends, go to a game and cheer no matter how bad the teams may be. You may first be surprised that our teams aren’t so bad and second that it’s simply flat out fun to cheer.

There are so many other programs to be proud of on this campus if we cared enough to look.

The reality is that if we make this a place we want to be, we will care more and increase our enjoyment of this college experience.

Whatever the reason you ended up a Coyote, there are currently more than 17,500 of us enrolled and there needs to be more of us getting involved.



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