Coyote Review: Wasting Light

Jhonise Hamilton |Staff Writer|

Those of you looking for some loud music to bang your heads to, might want to go out and purchase the new Foo Fighters album Wasting Light. This is the seventh studio album put out by the popular rock group.

This album stays true to the Foo Fighters’ tradition, so if you are already a Foo Fighters fan, this album won’t disappoint. Each song begins with the intro of the guitar followed by the beat of the drum which then leads into the first verse of the song and has the familiar pattern of having soft, quiet verses that precede the loud, powerful choruses.

At the time when I listened to this album, I was familiar with the group but not with the music of the Foo Fighters. I believe that gives me an unbiased advantage. I was able to hear the music for what it was rather than a fan who would automatically praise the music or a person who was automatically opposed to it.

Rock music is the type of music that gets your heart pumpin’, your head bobbin’ and your foot tappin’. This album did just that. It put me in a good mood. This music raises your spirits and gets your body moving.

I listened to some of the group’s previous albums to get familiar with their work and as I said before anyone who is already a fan will continue to be so. One thing that I particularly enjoyed when listening to these songs was the harmony of the instruments. I also enjoyed hearing the members of the groups harmonizing their vocals.

A prime example of this would be the album’s first single and the song I found to be my personal favorite: “Rope”. This vocals in this song start out in harmony right away. Being musically inclined myself, I love hearing when artists harmonize well and it goes well with the music in the background.

There were a few songs on the album where the power of the instruments and the volume of the background music overpowered the vocals, particularly in the chorus when the music gets increasingly louder.

One thing that puzzled me about the majority of the songs of this album was that the lyrics were a little depressing which left me having mixed feelings. The musicality and the vocals are what caused me to like the album in general but when I took a second listen and looked up the lyrics to some of the songs and the subjects of the songs range from being imprisoned, loss of hope and images of hell.

I found the content of the lyrics and the tone of the music to be contradicting. This is the only thing about the album I wasn’t fond of. But then again, when most of us are listening to music we are listening to the music and not necessarily the lyrics or the meaning behind those lyrics.

Overall, I like this album. It is definitely one that I could hear myself blasting in my speakers as I’m driving down University Parkway.


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