Coyote Men’s Basketball takes on CSULA Golden Eagles

By Jackie Monarrez |Staff Writer|

A three-pointer was all the men’s basketball team needed on Jan. 22 as they took on the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles.

The game was the definition of great basketball; it kept you on your toes as both teams went back and forth with no time for either of them to relax.

The Coyotes struggled to keep up with the Golden Eagles throughout the game, but didn’t give up.

They came out on top with a 58-56 victory over the Golden Eagles, thanks to the Coyotes’ own Darryl Adigwu when he shot the game winning three-pointer with only six seconds left in the game.

Even though the Coyotes gained the victory over the Golden Eagles, they see room for improvement.

Senior Keith Smith said the team can improve on “defense and rebounds.” Smith led the team in points, scoring 18 total for a season high.

It was no walk in the park for the Coyotes. This was a win that they fought hard for and earned.

Right out of the gate, the Golden Eagles were scoring points left and right and the Coyotes could not keep up.

After the first half, the Golden Eagles were leading the game 29-27.

That was until the second half with 40 seconds left in the game when the Coyotes tied it up 55-55.

The crowd was on their feet, holding their breath as Adigwu came to the rescue and scored his three-pointer to win the game for the Coyotes.

The Coyotes won by two points with the final score 58-56.

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