Coyote football: something to howl for

By Suanna Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

On the 2011 fall quarter event schedule for Coyote sports, you will find men’s soccer, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and women’s cross country.

You will not find CSUSB men’s football.

The proposition of Coyote football is not only lucrative but rich in academic, social and community gains.

    The benefits of a collegiate football team on campus would reach beyond the athletics department into academia, CSUSB alumni, comradeship of the student body, campus finances and the surrounding community.

Published in the CSUSB athletics mission statement are the following: “Provide an athletic program that is conducted in a manner that will make it respected on the campus and in the community…Take an active role in conference, regional and national organizations, always striving to improve the athletic environment at each level.” These statements can and should be improved upon by developing a NCAA caliber football team on the CSUSB campus.

    Establishing the presence of a football team on campus opens the doors for expansion of various departments of academics. Major study programs for a bachelor of arts or science degrees such as management, communications, kinesiology, business, administration, nutrition/food sciences and computer science all would be positively effected by the development of an NCAA  football program.

A functioning football program would require positions in all of the previously listed studies that could be used as hands on field practice for students, training, student internships and student employment. The new team would also open employment opportunities to the beleaguered San Bernardino economy would open positions for accredited faculty to fill.

    The alumni of CSUSB would be greatly touched by implementing a football team. Many collegiate football teams are strongly supported by the alumni in attendance, season tickets and donations.

Any campus has a reputation to tend to but in a stronger respect, a legacy to establish. A football team helps strengthen that legacy – winning season or not.

Saturday night games create a place of social gathering for current students, faculty, alumni, family of alumni and ultimately prospective students. Baseball may be America’s pastime but football captures a glamorous fighting spirit and appeals to a much larger audience.

Put that audience onto the CSUSB campus and every person watching the game young enough to think about college now, has excitement and enthusiasm for the Coyotes in blue and a relationship to be built on with the school. More importantly it creates a fresh enthusiasm within the current student body giving a new platform for spirit and pride in CSUSB.

    In addition to the benefits made towards alumni, students, and academic programs, a football program would allow for financial development. With no prominent football program located near the CSUSB campus, a new team would be highly marketable and potentially profitable.

In 2009, “Forbes” magazine published an article on the top 20 college football teams. Even at the bottom of the list the Oklahoma State Cowboys were worth $47 million, took home $18 million, and has a surrounding population of 78,280.

With no professional team in Los Angeles or the greater Los Angeles area, no attention demanding football program in San Bernardino County and a 2010 census report of San Bernardino County’s population at 2,035,210 people, the opportunity is practically begging to be seized.

CSUSB exemplifies the determined and ambitious capabilities of their student body in the phrase “Come here, go anywhere”. The students, faculty and community surrounding the campus has the means to develop the opportunity of athletic department expansion into a tool to achieve greatness in many intentions of the college experience and legacy.


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