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By Emerald Collins |Staff Writer|

The Vagina Monologues are back and better than ever.

The Women’s Resource Center presents the Vagina Monologues scheduled to take place Feb. 17 and 18 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 19 at 4 p.m. in the Santos Manuel Student Union Theatre.

“The Women’s Resource Center plans to donate a portion of their proceedings to the women in the Congo Republic”, quotes Marissa Wollard, WRC’s program assistant, “to reach out to the rape victims within the Republic on Congo that are being abused on a regular basis.”

The Vagina Monologues is a “famous play that includes different interviews, an entertained play that empowers women and teaches them to love their body and not feel shy, disgusted or shameful about their bodies,” said Jackie Lua, employee of the WRC.

The play covers a variety of topics and monologues that enlightens women and “women not adhere to the social stigma of sexually exploring themselves as women,” said Wollard.

According to Wollard, all excerpts begin with introductions that leap into a variety of topics from humorous to serious. The Vagina Monologues covers excerpts such as “My Angry Vagina” which discusses the blues of mistreatment to “Woman Who Loves to Make Vagina Happy ” discussing a same sex encounter.

The WRC recently opened auditions for their Vagina Monologue event. Auditions for their program were held in the Student Union Fourplex Jan. 16-20.

During auditions, students were able to read from a monologue of choice. Senior, Myriah Ball, auditioning for the performance expresses her expectations for the monologues, describing it as something that covers “vulgar topics, yet empowers women to talk freely about their body parts and allows women to feel more comfortable in their skin.”

The Women’s Resource Center employees recommend that both women and men attend the shows. Wollard quotes “the play is an entirely different experience then watching the movie; it also helps change the way we think.”

Venecia Avina, employee at the Adult Re-entry Center, expresses her opinion about the play by quoting “sexuality is a part of life and should be about freely, I like this event because it brings up taboo topics that cover a lot of sexual experiences.”

Attendees should expect a play that will make them laugh but also cover serious topics that will be “informative and insightful to learn more about themselves,” said Lua. The WRC will begin it’s rehearsals next week for their event.

In addition, the WRC will also be selling vagina pops to promote their event and anticipate delivering an empowering experience for those who attend the event. When asked about the event and what to expect Wollard replies, “women will feel more enlightened and it’s going to be a funny play that women and men can learn from.”

WRC will also be hosting other upcoming events such as “Poetry Jam” and have many more to come.

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