County Museum scores on cultural and natural history

By Ivanna Carlos |Staff Writer|

IMG_4438The San Bernardino County Museum, located in Redlands midway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, is perfect for family fun, children, and student interest.

The San Bernardino County Museum, was founded in the early 50’s in Bloomington, California, is a regional type of museum with collections and exhibits relating to cultural and natural history.

It moved to its present location in 1974 complete with an upper level, lower level, and an outside to view.

The upper level, which is named “Life in the air”, contains different halls, which include a land bird hall, water bird hall, and a schuiling gallery.

The land bird hall contains birds you may see when you are on a picnic with your friends or family, while the water bird hall contains birds from the shores of California north to Alaska and hold mounted specimens of water birds.


I found it very interesting to see the actual eggs and nests displayed for the public to be able to see.

The lower level, named “John Belcher North American Mammal Hall”, contains different types of bears, deers, possums, and reptiles.

Across from the main building is an exhibit of live animals, such as fish, lizards, and snakes, which I found appropriate for children.

But we can’t forget about the outside of the museum, which was my absolute favorite.

IMG_4441Tables and lawn areas are available for visitors to have picnics. Citrus groves surround the museum and a series of outdoor exhibits show the history of mining in the county.

What I enjoyed the most was the exhibit of quartz.

Being able to see the different types of quartz is interesting and reading about the different types and where they come from, they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Western states, such as Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada, produce quartz with a variety of colors and crystal forms.

If you are looking for some educational family fun or even just to expand your knowledge on birds and mammals, the San Bernardino County Museum is the place to see!

Admission for students who present a current student ID is only $7, while regular admission is $10.




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