Country Music dominates Indio at Stagecoach

By Renee Etcheberria |Staff Writer
Southern California’s largest country music gathering Stagecoach can be described as nonstop weekend party with incredible music performances providing the theme music. 

From April 30 to May1, people from San Francisco to San Diego filled Indio’s Empire Polo fields like fish in the sea.

With so much room to roam the 50,000 people that showed up to the weekend music festival seemed minuscule in comparison  to the size of the Empire Polo Club.

Getting lost in the crowds seems to be more of a thrill rather than a troubling issue. It is a way to meet new people and run into old friends all while trying to find the actual people you came with and finding the shortest beer line.

The extremely long lines at the bathrooms or the fact that there is barely any shaded areas does not seem to bother the people that come out to Stagecoach because it is all for the love of country music.

As you look out toward the stage you will see people getting set up for the show. They pull out their chairs, towels and blankets so they can sit front row to country music’s biggest performers.

Stagecoach is an abundance of cowboy hats and boots. Some come with their top of the line Stetson’s while others get crafty creating a hat from a beer box.

To go along with that country attire of hats and boots you will also see attendees wearing many wristbands. One for the concert entrance, one for being 21 and over and some have one for the campsites.

As the sun goes down people begin to wander over to the campsites to join in on the festivities that the RV’s have to offer. The campsite is its own little neighborhood, with RV’s lined up for miles. The campers are more than welcoming inviting anyone who passes by.

It is a fun and exciting atmosphere with a laid back vibe. People take mundane activities and turn them into something fun.  There are people playing every drinking game created while others work on their tans on the tops of their RV’s.

Even well after the concert has ended you can still hear country music playing throughout the campgrounds.

The party never seems to end for these country music lovers. Stagecoach is a place to make new friends and create lasting memories.


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