Cool Show, Shady Tree

By Melanie Limon |Staff Writer|

One Direction took the stage at Warner Bros. Studios, once again on Ellen after three years, in celebration of their new album, “Made in the A.M.”

It was great to see them live since they are going on a break and won’t be touring again until 2017.

Tickets for Ellen are free, but it’s pretty hard to get them. I was lucky enough to buy myself a ticket for less than $20 (CD and tote included).

The tickets sold out in a matter of minutes and I was happy that I was going to be a part of something that my 18-year-old self wished had attended back in 2012.

Once I arrived at the Universal Studios designated parking lot, there was a swarm of people trying to get past security and into the venue. Over 5,000 people ended up attending the event.

After waiting for what seemed like ages, we were transported from out of the parking lot and onto charter buses that took us to the Warner Bros. Studios.

We passed time by singing the new One Direction songs and discussing our expectations for the show.

Once we exited the bus and were inside the venue, we were extremely disappointed when the security placed us in a section that had a huge tree that blocked our view of the whole stage!

The reason for this confusion was because the buses were numbered in a way that the first people who arrived were supposed to be seated closest to the stage, but since some of the staff were unaware of that, the people on the buses behind us were given better seats with no trees obstructing their view.

“I was very disappointed in the venue. The trees were blocking mine and other peoples view. For waiting as long as we did only to see them through the leaves was really sad,” said a fan, Savannah Pena.

The venue was beautiful and it was the set used for the show “Pretty Little Liars,” but it was not suited for a concert.

Although the view of the stage wasn’t ideal, the performance that the boys gave was amazing! I hadn’t seen them perform in over a year and it was well worth the wait.

They sang five songs in total – one of their old hits “Story of my Life,” and “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect,” from their new album.

We were the first to hear them perform their most anticipated song which they sang twice, “Love You Goodbye.” This song was the first one that captured my attention off their new album, so once they started singing it I was overjoyed.

“The tree was the only downfall, I thought the show was amazing. They sang well, [and] the crowd was electric! ” said fellow One Directioner, Melody Delrio.

“Even though we weren’t able to see them as well as others, I still wouldn’t change a thing because we were still fortunate enough to hear them live,” said fan Jasmine Ramirez.

Although the show had its setbacks, I still managed to have an amazing time. Even though I couldn’t see the band very well and had to resort to seeing them on the screen, I was grateful I got to be a part of this experience.

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