Companies partner with Obama to benefit workers

By Davon Dean |Staff Writer|

th (5)CVS and UPS made headlines in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Obama said that he needs more companies and employers to be like CVS and UPS, who both offer a variety of educational benefits and paid apprenticeships.

“Tonight, I’m also asking more businesses to follow the lead of companies like CVS and UPS, and offer more educational benefits and paid apprenticeships,” said Obama.

According to the UPS website, the company offers different programs and incentives for employees to be successful.

Some programs include: UPS tuition program, health and wellness program, compensation saving program.
CSUSB students agree that companies should offer assistance to their employers.

They also offers different scholarship programs such as: chicagoland regional college program, scholarships for children of UPS Employees, James E. Casey scholarships program and the George D. Smith scholarship program.

According to the CVS website, the company holds an ongoing training and professional development.

“We provide professional development and continuing education opportunities through our own training programs,” states on the CVS website.

Obama issued a call to action to the employers to help put their employees on a path to middle-class jobs.

Today, major employers are stepping forward to do just that. Many private sector firms are coming forth and answering the president’s call to help workers advance in the workforce; more than 30 employers are announcing commitments to expand employee assistance.

According to CNN, Anthem, Grifols, McDonald’s, Partners HealthCare, Gap, Inc., and University of Pennsylvania Health System are working with College for America at Southern New Hampshire University to give tens of thousands of employees nationwide the opportunity to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Obama continued to discuss apprenticeships and informed America that when he first took office, his goals were to rebuild our country and improve our economy.

“I’m aware $2 billion is a lot of money, but with the right training and advance programs, each American will be successful,” said Obama.

Obama also placed emphasis on the importance of empowerment of each American.

“It empowers every hard-working American with the education and training they need to get ahead and earn higher wages. Now we have to build on this progress to raise wages and incomes and to strengthen the standing of working families in a new economy,” said Obama.



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