Community assistance for college students

Student ride for free with their student ID

By Amber Childress |Staff Writer|

College students seek helpful benefits, ranging from transportation to school supplies, and food.

Schools have a variety of students and not all of them have options for transportation.

“For college students we offer free bus rides with their school IDs. When the school has a partnership with Omnitrans they agree to allow the students to ride for free,” said an Omnitrans worker Kelly Williams.

Along with transportation, costs go up causing more students to struggle to get essential items.

“Helping Hand Pantry offers a College Student Food Assistance Program. This program helps college student who need help getting food,” stated Helping Hand Worker Windy.

This organization is here to help college students who do not have access to food or cannot afford to purchase food.

“Being a college student is like a full time job and adding a part time job to it makes being a college student even harder. Helping hands program provides ways for college students to get food on a college student budget,” stated student Jill Fanning.

Amazon student items purchase

Students who need help with finances can also get connected with Amazon Student.

With the Amazon student membership students are able to get great deals on test prep materials, discounts on buying or renting textbooks, and for the first six months students are able to get two day shipping on select items.

“Amazon seeks to help support students as much as possible. From offering students the ability to access things needed for school along with things needed outside of school at a discounted rate,” said Micheal Lopez, worker at Amazon.

Amazon Student is an easily accessible website just for students.

“As a student I love using these websites because they offer a lot of accessible discounts for me and textbooks are a lot cheaper on Amazon student then in the bookstore at school,” said student Savannah Ordonez.

Those that are not living at home or on campus may have many bills to pay which can become a struggle.

Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County, CAPSBC, created an organization to help pay rent and utility bills.

CAPSBC provide up to 18 months of rent assistance.

“Between being a full time college student and going to work part time its getting harder to pay bills. Being offered a program that can help pay my bills while I continue school would be a great help,” said college student Lizzy Perez.

There is also a program that offers students discounts.

The Student Advantage program is an organization that offers students the ability to access a multitude of discounts on food, clothing, and entertainment.

“We offer access to many different online shopping locations, free email on the latest deals and coupons, a convenient way to get your items, and the best part is you save money on every perchance,” said Student Advantage worker Sandra Gomez.