Communicating With Spirit

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Communicating with Spirit ticket.

Communicating with Spirit ticket.

By Tommy McCardle |Staff Writer|

We’ve all heard the term school spirit before, yet Thursday, Oct. 13 there was a new type of spirit on campus.

Jamie Butler, a well-known medium, presented “Communicating with Spirit” to CSUSB with the goal to inform students about channeling spirits.

Communicating with Spirit was sponsored by and took place in the SMSU Cross Cultural Center, Communicating Spiritually & Interculturally Club, and Associated Students Incorporated.

“Both I, and the newly chartered student club, Communicating Spiritually and Interculturally (CSI) had discussed inviting Jamie Butler to CSUSB for a campus event,” said faculty member Mary Fong.

Earlier this year Fong had attended two workshops and experienced four public channeling sessions featuring Butler.

“I was so impressed. It widened my perspective on life and through a channeler, the ability to communicate to our loved ones who have died or transitioned to the spiritual realm,” said Fong

Butler pointed out the importance of debunking stereotypical views and misunderstandings regarding what she does.

“We no longer have to be the gypsy, palm reader or incense smoker to acknowledge our true abilities,” said Butler.

Communicating with Spirit was unlike any event of the same genre.

Butler glows onstage while chatting with her audience.

“The way I lecture is very conversational and full of show and tell,” said Butler.

“After sharing who I am, some outstanding stories, I will trance channel and answer questions from the audience.”

It was important to Butler to say channeling isn’t a gift.

When she came to the realization that she could channel spirits, she knew she was not normal.

“When somebody has a natural talent they don’t see it as anything extra ordinary,” said Butler. Not until there is some self-realization that their perception and abilities indeed are uniquely their own.”

Butler was only 18 years old when she started to see shadows and see through people.

It was then she realized she was not normal.

She explained, “I was hearing voices and I knew things that people did not tell me. It has really affected the way I make connections to other people.”

“This educational event is to help broaden the audience’s mind to think outside of the box and realize that all of us will transition,” said Fong.  “When it is our time, life is not done and over with, but we transition and continue to live, but without a body.”

It is important to make sure students have all avenues to be able to expand their horizons.

Butler adds, “The ‘Communicating with Spirit’ event is for anyone who has found themselves questioning life, life after life, death, purpose and intuitive abilities. Curiosity is the best mode to use when showing up.”

In addition to helping broaden the minds of students at CSUSB, this event will help provide for future events on campus.

Ticket sales from the event will be used to organize future events and activities for students.


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