Communicating, Dating, and Relating

2016-10-17-18-04-23By Seungkyung Baek   |Staff Writer|

Students gathered on Tuesday evening’s communicating, dating and relating event where experts spoke as part of a mandatory sexual violence training program in SMSU on Oct. 18.

Participants discussed the importance of direct communication, sexual positivity, and consent in healthy relationships.

Speaker, Lauren Roselle, explained how to effectively communicate when dating; “Define your own personal boundaries and tell them what you want,” are the main points emphasized in the seminar/event.

Roselle explained why people should express their thoughts, opinions and feeling directly to their partner.

“Direct communication is very important because it can help allow people maintain healthy communication and relationship. People should openly express their thoughts and boundaries,” said Roselle.

“People have to say what they think about, what they want, and how they feel to keep being clear conversation,” continued Roselle.

Student Saucedo, who attended the event expressed what she realized and learned.

“Talking about healthy comunication and sexual consent in romantic relationship was really good.

It was so informative and helps to remind me of my relationship boundaries,” said student Daisy Saucedo

There were different point of views between men and women highlighted in order to help facilitate deep, open, clear conversations between partners.

“This event usually talks about romantic relationship and their distinctive opinions in terms of both male and female perspectives,” continued De La Isla.

Student Orizaga believes that it can help students to think about more positive ways to understand their relationship’s, on a deeper level.

“I am very interested in attending the event coming up. I think that these types of events really promote a forward thinking and mutually benefiting mindset that we can all see positive results from in our relationships we have with others,” said student Steven Orizaga

“It was interesting event because it discussed what healthy relationships and friendships are,” said student Victoria Beltran.

“It sounds interesting because I believed that all relationship should be healthy and at the event they gave information and tips about how to communicate in my relationship,” said student Noely Guzman.

“I realized mutual respect for other people and healthy communication can help to positively impact and reinforce my relationship from this event,” said De La Isla.

Student, David Cabaldon, indicated the importance of healthy relationship in dating communication for keeping wholesome.

“This event was important as it invites couples to have the uncomfortable but necessary conversations they may have been avoiding,” said student David Cabaldon.

It brings to light issues that could destory a relationship, but then instead uses them as a way to build a stronger knot between two.

“I think that people often overlook how important strong communication is in maintaining a healthy relationship,” continued Harari.

The event offered helpful advice for college students in order to help maintain a healthy communication in relationships.

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