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Comic Books 1By Jaeyeon Kim |Staff Writer|

Comic books have been produced by lots of comic book companies, such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, as well as many others.

Comics have affected cultures in many ways for a long time.

One of the affected cultures is the movie industry. Many movies have been produced based on comic books, such as Batman and Superman.

“Batman and Superman have infiltrated every major form of entertainment in America, except for the music industry,” according to Teen Ink.

Like Batman and Superman, America has many superhero movies, such as those featuring Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Avengers.

As these superhero comic books and movies have become famous, fashion has been affected by the superhero comic books and movies.

In America, people see children as well as adults who wear T-shirts, caps and other products of the superhero genre.

Besides the superhero comics, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and other Walt Disney cartoon characters have become famous in America.

Many people have been influenced by the Walt Disney animations and movies. This can be seen in places like Disneyland.

Americans have been affected by the comic books in many ways, such as movies, fashion, and even hair accessories.

Koreans have been also affected by the comic books, but the effects of the comic books to Koreans are different than Americans.

“In America, the comic books have affected Americans with blockbuster cultures, such as Universal Studios and Disneyland. However, in Korea, a minority of people who like the comic books make their fan cultures for their comic books,” said student Yena Hong.

Koreans have made their communities for the comic books which they like and support.

Through the internet and social networks, the fans of the comics have shared information with other fans in their communities.

Although Koreans have not been affected as much, the comic books have gradually impacted to Koreans with Webtoon.

These days, Webtoon, an online platform for comics, has become a popular way to enjoy comic books in Korea.

“We can enjoy Webtoon easily because we can read Webtoon with our smartphones whenever and wherever we want. Therefore, Webtoon has become famous, and movies and dramas have been produced from Webtoon,” said student Seongwon Pae.

Some movies, dramas, and even books have been based on the Webtoon, such as “Cheese in the Trap” and “Misaeng.”

Koreans have interested in the fashion of the Webtoon. Some clothing stores and websites have advertised clothing with the words, ‘main character’s style’.

America and Korea has been different affected cultures from the comic books, but Americans and Koreans both love the comic book culture.

Even though each country has different aspects of comic book influences, people enjoy comic books in both countries.

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