College of Ed receives architectural award

By Fernando Torres |Staff Writer|

The College of Education building has been acknowledged for its design.  The CSUSB Office of Capital Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) and the architectural firm LPA Inc. were presented with a certificate of achievement for the design of the building.

The certificate was presented by the American Institute of Architects Inland California at an awards diner held at University of Riverside on April 28.

“This award means acknowledgement for design excellence,” said Hamid Azhand, director and executive facilities officer of CPDC. Azhand been at CSUSB for 22 years and has been director of CPDC since 1993.

“This award is for the entire team involved from the architects to the chancellor,” said Azhand.

LPA Inc., according to their website, has been around for the past 40 years advocating the message that sustainable design can be achieved on any project, budget, building type and location.

LPA Inc. has received more than 400 awards for their design excellence and even received the “Firm Award” from the California Council of American Institute of Architects.

The construction of the building was collaboration between the two organizations. The planning and design process for the building began eight years ago.

With the passage of Proposition 55, in 2004, this gave $12.3 billion in bonds to public schools across California. Funding for the building was $51 million. The building finally broke ground in 2006, and was completed in 2008.

Some of the features of this three story building include a lecture auditorium, nine lecture classrooms, 110 faculty offices, computer labs, student services areas, literacy center and evaluation and assessment center.

The building has also been recognized for being eco-friendly. The U.S. Green Building Council gave recognition for how much the building is environmentally friendly.

“This building has proper shading, the landscaping materials are eco-friendly, the building has drought tolerant plants and it has a water efficient irrigation system” said Azhand.

Other features that make this building eco-friendly is that it has photo voltaic solar panels on its roof, sun shades; reflective routing system; desert-type landscape; energy efficient mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and equipment.

The feedback from students and faculty of the building has been mostly positive.

“People have commented on how the building is state of the art, its nice spaces, how accessible it is, good circulation, its functionality, and how aesthetically pleasant it is” said Azhand.

The building has many other features that make it stand out and is another reason it has gotten praise.

“It’s a signature building; the use of space in the grand lobby, orientation of the building, the energy efficiency. Those feature make it a unique structure,” said Azhand.

The CPDC has many works, exclusively on buildings or structures on the main CSUSB campus and the Palm Desert Campus as well.

In the past 22 years, CSUSB campus has constructed 44 individual buildings.

The campus is expanding with projects in places such as additions to the library and various other small construction projects.




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