College of Business has an “Impact”

By Erika Flores |Staff Writer|

The College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA) has many services for students.

With five different departments in fields like accounting and finance, information and decision sciences, management, marketing and public administration, the CBPA has many opportunities for students to expand and grow in these fields.

The Student Services Center is located in Jack Brown Hall, Room 134.

The center is an office dedicated to CBPA students where academic advising, internships and career services are available for those who would like to receive assistance in the transition from college to career exploration.

According to the Student Services Center, their mission is to provide “a one-stop shop, students bridge the connection to on and off-campus resources, people and programs, enhancing the educational experience and ultimately, student success.”

Jessica Chavez, the internship coordinator, is actively involved with helping students reach their professional goals.

They have workshops accessible to students who are interested in learning about internships, specifically how to prepare for one, how to properly search for internships and what the requirements are.

These workshops aimed for student success are an asset that many students should look into when looking to grow professionally.

The academic advisor for CBPA students, Ellie Gault, is also available for students who are in need of advising.

The academic advising aspect is in an additional office within the Student Services Center where students can come in and get assistance in better understanding their PAWS report, obtaining forms necessary to register and they can also help with determining a concentration.

The Student Services Center has what is called CBPA Connect that is primarily for CBPA students.

This online tool helps CBPA students have interactive access to a calendar with available appointments for the Student Services Center, get connected with job opportunities, attain internship information, and have specific library resources. However, this center is not the only resource for CBPA students.

The office for Master’s in Business Administration is also one that has essential information for soon-to-be graduate students with information about their programs and their requirements.

This office is located in Jack Brown, Room 283, and aims to prepare students for “positions of high responsibility and leadership within Business Administration,” according to their mission statement.

Within this office is the Graduate Career Advisor, Pamela Abell, who serves to teach students how to work a career fair, job search strategies and life planning skills. The CBPA also strives to recognize the departments and students’ achievements though the Impact magazine.

Impact’s purpose is to bring awareness to students and community members of upcoming events, accreditations and awards received by students.

Through the magazine, students can learn about the scholarship recipients in addition to the International Exchange Program.

This program strives to encourage understanding for the discipline of business administration in achieving a global perspective. The college as a whole attempts to graduate the most prepared, well-rounded students, by providing opportunities students can utilize. Through these, they display their passion for student success.

For more information regarding these programs and services contact the College of Business and Public Administration at (909) 537-5700.

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