College life in 2030

By Joshua Aguilar |Staff Writer|

Our world is changing every day, and as students we have the power to make it change for the better.

We may not have the ability to foresee the future, but we can always sit back and imagine what life will be like in the year 2030.

The future can be both exciting and frightening to think about how much our daily choices can shape the future 14 years from now.

Students change so much in the four years that they spend here at CSUSB, adding another 10 years of transformation to their lives will yield an incredible difference between the students of today and of the future.

Student Darelle Amores shared how he thinks college life will be different in 2030.

“Hopefully, if Bernie Sanders is chosen president people will be more educated,” said Amores.

“We’re at a tipping point of where to go next or to go back, it depends on who wins the election,” continued Amores.

It is a common belief that this year is extremely important in deciding our future, along with the importance of having your voice heard through voting.

“I think in 2030, people will be more educated about their choices,” said Amores.

“Nowadays, people use social media to say if things are not right,” added Amores.

Technology will advance by leaps and bounds by the time 2030 arrives.

Advanced technology in 2030 can potentially keep the public informed on events in more effective ways than in today’s world.

Life in 2030 could also stay relatively the same as it is now, regardless how we go about our daily lives.

If you think back to 2002, which was 14 years ago, we still live in a similar way as a we do now.

We do not have flying cars, we do not live amongst robots who do all of our work for us or any of the inventions seen in the 1985 movie “Back to the Future.”

“I think that more or less, it’s going to be similar to how we live today,” said student Steven Moreno.

College life could also get more competitive if there is free education.
“I feel like it’s going to be more crowded as time goes on. There’s going to be more college students,” said Moreno.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing because more people will get an education but it’ll make the admissions process more competitive,” added Moreno.

Student Rachel Lomeli also believes that college life could become more difficult in the future.

“College will be more fast-paced with modern technology because we will be able to obtain information at a faster pace,” said Lomeli.

“Graduation may take longer to complete because there’ll be more classes to take and more requirements,” continued Lomeli.

“It will be much more expensive due to tuition hikes as well,” concluded Lomeli.

Students would prefer to be a college student in today’s world rather than in 2030.

“In 2030, they’ll probably have better technology, but I am very content with what I have right now,” said Amores.

“I’d rather be a college student today because school was less expensive and less competitive 15 years ago,” said Lomeli.

“If that trend continues, then in another 15 years it’ll get more expensive and harder to get into,” concluded Lomeli.


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