Colin Kane cracks up Ontario scene

By Ezequiel Ramos |Staff Writer|

photo 4From weight jokes to race jokes, Kane had it all when he was on stage at the Ontario Improv on Saturday, Oct. 4.
“Comedy is my way of making people forget they had problems for about an hour,” comedian Colin Kane states.
Kane is an up-and-coming comedian out of Los Angeles who has a lot to offer in the community of comedy.
He will be starring in a film with well-known comedian Kevin Hart that is set to be released some time next year.
“If anyone gets offended, please get the f*** out of here,” Kane blatantly stated.
As he walked onto the dimly lit stage for the first time that night, he played the song, “Turn Down For What,” dancing as if he was in a classical dance movie, then shamelessly saying, “Turn that shit off, I’m too white for that.”
There were only a few empty seats out of the estimated 150 people there. Kane greeted the front row of his audience by shaking their hands ecstatically and making jokes about their appearances.

Colin Kane (right)

Colin Kane (right)

The Ontario Improv had a good vibe and comfortable setting.
As soon as you walk in, it’s hard to miss the walls plastered with posters of different comedians that have previously performed in Ontario.
Walking through the hallways, you are lead to the back of the room where the audience is seated.
There was never a dull or silent moment while Kane was on stage and the energy of the audience seemed to match his own.
There was a moment when Kane forgot one of the punchlines, but played it off seamlessly while still maintaining good contact with his audience.
Another part of Kane’s act was when he borrowed a phone from a member of the audience and prank-called a random number.
After calling a few times, the person answered but hung up after realizing it was a prank call.
He then redialed the number and reached her voice mail, to which Kane said, “Hey, I was only trying to play, now that I have this phone, I’m going to make you my b**** and annoy the hell out of you,” which made the audience cry of laughter.
The Improv is a universal setting that would work well with a casual date, a guys/girls night out or just to go out and have a fun and comical evening.
Audiences will definitely not be disappointed.



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