Coldplay’s album takes on love and loss

By Marissa Graham |Staff Writer|

The hype surrounding Coldplay’s new album, Mylo Xyloto, is as interesting as the title itself.

One of the band’s most anticipated albums is dropping Oct. 24. This is their fifth album and first in three years, and it is rumored to be their best yet.

Coldplay is known for their unique music. Coldplay consists of four members: Guy Berryman (bass), Jonny Buckland (lead guitar), Will Champion (drums) and Chris Martin (vocals).

Coldplay has never been the type of band that sticks to the same style. They are known for their willingness to experiment and push boundaries as to what bands should and can do.

Mylo Xyloto definitely upped their game, featuring choruses that are bigger and higher than on previous works. It is an album that contains songs that match our daily life, with lyrics about being happy, sad and everything in between.

Mylo Xyloto was inspired by 1970s New York graffiti and the Nazi-resistance movement known as the White Rose,” said singer Chris Martin in an interview with “It’s probably no coincidence both were about young people embracing art in times of turmoil.”

Collaborations on this album are more than likely to cause a stir. On “Princess of China,” one of the album’s singles, Rihanna makes an unexpected guest appearance. This random collaboration proved to be a hit after it was leaked earlier this week.

The song is the ultimate breakup song with lyrics about pain, loss and regret. Rihanna sadly sings, “I could’ve been a princess, and you would’ve been a king / Could have had a castle and a ring.”

The album’s other single, “Paradise,” is kind of a sad song as well. It is about a girl that expected the world, only to have those expectations be destroyed.

The band’s songs are about how relationships, breakups and the way those situations make you feel. The songs may appeal to teenagers more so because of the immaturity of feeling as though when a relationship ends, so does the world.

Fear that this album may not appeal to their conservative fans is a concern. Yet Coldplay is known for constantly switching up their style and being adventurous with their technique, which keeps their fans interested.

With Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay is clearly determined to put another Grammy on their shelf.


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