Coachella an Experience

By Estefania Torres |Staff Writer|

YAS Queen

Neck chokers, French braids, and bohemian vibes were the theme for this year’s Coachella music festival.

One of the “YAS Queen” trends I saw this year was the matching outfits.

Although it sounds a little funny, it totally makes sense when you’re at a festival filled with thousands of people.

It’s a good way to keep your friends together and if you lose one, you know exactly what they are wearing.

But why?

Coachella is known to be one of the most fashionable music festivals you can be at.

Many odd trends were seen throughout the weekend, but the most disappointing were the glitter beards, hair, and everything that had to do with glitter, really.

Girls plastered it on their hair like gel, and men completely covered their beards with it.

To be fair, some people used it appropriately, like a nice shiny eyeshadow or on fashionable clothing.

My Experience

DJs and electric dance music(EDM) was at an all time high at Coachella this year.

Not only was Calvin Harris headlining Sunday night, but there was a special stage that played EDM music all day and all night.

The Do Lab was the place to be for all the ravers in attendance.

This colorful outside tent was shaped like a ship and filled with hundreds of people dancing to their favorite DJs, located in the back corner of the festival.

Every time you went or even passed by it, you couldn’t help but to start dancing along to the electrifying beats.

Luckily, we were provided with backstage passes to the stage, allowing us to get up close and personal to the DJs, and providing us with the ultimate Do Lab experience.

The backstage had a lounging area with different colored sofas, snakes, and every festival goer’s favorite drink: water.

It also gave us access to a private stage that was right behind the DJ.

This stage allowed us to dance the night away without the hassle of bumping into people or getting shoved by the massive crowds in attendance.

It also shared the DJ’s point of view, so it really felt personal. 

Friday was my favorite day at the Do Lab because of all the amazing performances.

Filipino native and famous DJ, Sweater Beats, brought the house down with his throwback music he incorporated with his addicting beats.

Hippie Sabotage crowd surfed their night away playing their famous remix of Tove Lo’s “Habit.”

The rave culture was very present at this year’s Coachella festival and with the success and popularity that it has gained, EDM is here to stay.

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