Coach Spotlight on Kim Cherniss

vb_coach-kim-chernissBy Gregory Gammill |Staff Writer| 

The woman’s volleyball team looks to make it back to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament under the instruction of veteran head coach Kim Cherniss.

Cherniss has been the main person in charge of the volleyball team for the past 25 years and is entering her 26th year.

She took over the program in 1991 and eventually brought the Coyotes back to their winning ways.

Things got off to a slow start for her, but quickly picked up in 1997 when she turned the team around from a 13-15 record in 1996 to a 20-11 record in 1997.

Players came and went over the years for her and the Coyotes, allowing her to move people around and evaluate what new players could do to make the team better.

“Typically, every four years, based on the way I recruit, we graduate a large crop of kids,” said Cherniss.

Coaching anyone can cause many different types of emotions that anyone can experience in the moment, but some stick out more than others.

“The most difficult part of coaching, to me, is saying goodbye to my girls because we’re all such a close family together and we invest so heavily into these kids and we have a great alumni group to connect past and present,” said Cherniss.  

She may have to say goodbye to players every year, but that doesn’t stop her from leading the team to years of success.

Her overall record from 1991-2015 boasts an outstanding 575 wins and just 209 losses.

The team is looking to continue the momentum from last year’s 28-6 overall record and hopes to secure their impressive 19 consecutive 20+ win season.

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