Cinco De Mayo inspires local art

By Renee Etcheberria |Staff Writer|

An artistic display took  place on  the CSUSB campus in place of the usual extravagant festivities of May 5.

CSUSB’s Lamda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc. hosted the Cinco De Mayo Art Show on campus in the Lower Commons Pine room.

While the focus was on Latin artwork they also featured a variety of art genres.

Some artists that showcased their work at the event were Tank, RcH, Mikeone, Dayne Henry Jr., Kairo and James Caves. Along with the art show they played music and offered refreshments.

Lamda Theta Phi is known for being the first Latin fraternity and most of its members are Hispanic but it is not a requirement. This art show is one of the many events that the fraternity hosts.

A majority of the artists are locally known in San Bernardino, but two of CSUSB’s very own alumni, brothers Mike and Richard Castor also showed off their work.

With the help of the Castor brothers company, West Koast Graphics, and their collaborative work with Lamda Theta Phi is what made this event possible.

Mike Castor expressed that the reason they put this event on was to get more people involved and allow other artists to showcase their work.

They even had an art contest with prizes as an incentive to get more participants to come out to the event.

Unfortunately they had about 20 people register to enter artwork for the contest yet no one came to drop off their work. They hope that next year they will have better ideas to get word of the contest to people and have more involvement from people.

West Koast Graphics was started 10 years ago by the Castor brothers in an attempt to make a career out of all that drawing and doodling they did in school.

“Teachers in high school always told me to stop drawing and to pay attention to school; I did both and want people to know they can do it too, and make a profession at it,” said Castor.

Since then they have had a successful company and career with an office located in San Bernardino.

The Cinco de Mayo art show is just one of the ways they want to encourage people to showcase their artwork. They also want to help artist get affiliated with big names just as they are.

West Koast Graphics not only creates their own designs with shirts and stickers, but they also work with companies such as Famous Stars and Straps doing graphic design work.

Since both of the Castor brothers are also alumni to the fraternity, they often affiliate with Lamda Theta Phi and spend a lot of time on campus looking for interns to fill their office.

For information about Lamda Theta Phi fraternity visit the Student Affairs office, and visit for information on West Koast Graphics.


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