Cinco de Mayo at Coyote Fest

By Janet Martinez |Staff Writer|

Many students and community members came out to enjoy the night life of Coyote Fest here at Cal State San Bernardino on May 5.

To kick off the midterms for this spring quarter we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with number of activities, music, delicious food and live dance performances.

The turnout to this event was amazing, people were dancing, participating in activities and much more.

The annual Coyote Fest of 2017 was held on Pfau library lawn, Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) plaza and Lower Commons.

The event started at 8 p.m. and continued on till 12 a.m., a Coyote ID or any other license was required to receive a bracelet to enter.

Free admission to the public involved carnival rides for all to enjoy.

The theme around this year’s event was a very cultural tribute to the Hispanic community, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

The performances added to the feel of the theme and were located in the Lower Commons, located behind the SMSU and Blue Coyote pub.

Cinco de Mayo decorations were placed and made the event fun with cultural background to it, such as pinatas and paper picado banners.

There were many different food vendors that gave the guests options to snack on, such as hot dogs, and the most popular being the funnel cake lines.

Activities such as life size foosball table allowed everyone to physically engage in the activity and the teamwork required made mutual friendships and created many shared laughs.

Casino games were held in the SMSU as well as different arts and crafts.

A game of poker was very popular, with many people enjoying the rush of gambling with fate at the festival.

Live performances were the perfect entertainment for the night as everyone enjoyed their food or activities provided by the SMSU Program Board.

“The event was very different from the past years, it had a very nice Cinco de Mayo theme,” said attendee Stephanie Legorreta.

The interaction between the community curated a memorable night.

This unforgettable night gave the community a chance to escape from their hardships and enjoy the event with family or friends.

Coyote Fest of 2017 brought the community together to celebrate in unity and in support of our students here at Cal State San Bernardino.


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