CIMES response to “Debunking: ‘Who Are the Refugees'”

This letter is in response to the opinion piece “Debunking ‘Who Are the Refugees’” on behalf of the Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (CIMES) board, which includes a diverse group of CSUSB scholars of different disciplines versed in the study of the Muslim and Arab worlds. Unfortunately, we found the piece very problematic, with slanted characterizations of both the content and intent of panelist contributions. Our panel consisted of community organizers who have been working very closely for years with both refugees as well as the U.S. government, which has funded many of their projects. They are experts on the resettlement of refugees, how they are vetted, and the kind of support they receive from the government and other sources.  Therefore, rather than responding line-by-line to these mostly inaccurate observations, we invite the campus community and beyond to view the event at  and to conduct their own research.