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By Yara Del Rio-Dominguez  |Staff Writer|


Feed the homeless = go to jail card (Nov. 15)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has banned public food sharing but that hasn’t stopped one 90-year-old man from feeding the homeless.

Arnold Abbott, the man in question, said he will continue to feed the homeless on Fort Lauderdale Beach.


empada-brazil.0.0Sweeney Todd-esque murder takes Brazil (Nov. 14)

A man, his wife, and mistress in Brazil are on trial for allegedly killing and cannibalizing two women after promising them nanny positions.

According to The Washington Post, after killing the two women, they dismembered their bodies, and ate what they could.

Then the rest of the flesh into pastries and sold them to neighbors.




Five-year-old now a Microsoft IT consultant (Nov. 16)

Five-year-old Ayan Quereshi has passed the Microsoft Information Technology exam.

Quereshi, who is now an IT consultant, has set up his own network at home, according to BBC.

His father began letting him play with old computers and fed him tech information and was surprised how quickly Quereshi grasped the information.

apple-inc-aapl-worth-more-than-entire-russian-stock-marketIn Soviet Russia, Apple buy you! (Nov. 16)

Forbes has announced that Apple is now worth more than the entire Russian stock market.

“If you owned Apple Inc. (AAPL), and sold it, you could purchase the entire stock market of Russia, and still have enough change to buy every Russian an iPhone 6 Plus,” said Bloomberg, the originators of the financial findings.


Spaghetti christ commands me (Nov. 18)

A woman from Utah wore a colander on her head for her driver’s license photo.

She protested the pasta strainer was a part of her religious belief in the satirical church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, according to


Remember that scene in Saw II (Nov. 20)MAIN-Alan-Catterall

A 54-year-old factory supervisor was burned to death after being trapped in an industrial oven.

Although efforts were made to escape, co-workers were unable to hear his cries for help over the noise in the factory, according to Express, an online news source.

The faulty oven doors are currently under investigation.





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