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By Yara Del Rio-Dominguez |Staff Writer|

Original Title: wheal 48.tifTuberculosis on a Rise (Oct. 24)
The Ebola outbreak has shifted everyone’s attention from the Tuberculosis (TB) epidemic that is on the rise.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nine million cases of TB were reported in 2013.
In terms of death toll, TB comes in second to HIV/AIDS.



thumb4Vatican Library Goes Digital, Costing Millions (Oct. 26)
The Vatican will use a digital format developed by NASA to digitize thousands of its rarest books.
The Vatican is looking to raise $63 million in order to complete its digital transfer, according to
The public will be able to view the pages in its digital form for free, but it may be decades before anyone will be able to access the digitized 40 million pages of library archives.


1414299846303_wps_1_epa04462886_A_picture_madIranian Woman Hung In Act Of Self-Defense (Oct. 25)
An Iranian woman was hung in a Tehran prison after killing a government official, who she claimed was trying to sexually abuse her, back in 2007.
Despite ongoing international campaigns protesting her death sentence, officials decided to proceed with her execution.
Human rights group Amnesty International said,”Her execution was deeply disappointing in the extreme,” according to


coin-toss-flipCoin Toss Settled Tied Election (Oct.28)
A coin toss decided a Mayoral election in a small town in the Peruvian Andes of Lima, Peru.
Candidates Wilber Medina and rival Jose Cornejo each received 236 votes, which lead to a coin toss to decide who was going to be elected mayor.
Peru’s electoral law allows for tied races to be decided by a coin toss, according to the Associated Press.


100-year-old notebook from Scott's last Antarctic expedition foundCentury Old Expedition Notebook Found Frozen (Oct. 25)
A 100 year old expedition notebook was found frozen in ice in Antarctica.
Entries found within the notebook give descriptions of Robert Falcon, an explorer of the Antarctic.
According to CNN, the owner of the notebook, George Levick, had handwritten notes and photographs in his notebook of their expeditions in Cape Adare before their crew eventually died of starvation, exhaustion, and cold weather.



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