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By Marion Gil |News Editor|

Waiter, there are nuts in my soup! (May 27)
A Japanese artist met with success when served a meal made out of his genitals for $250 a plate.
The artist, Mao Sugiyama, calls himself asexual and had his genitals removed in order to raise awareness of sexual minorities.
Japanese authorities claim that they knew about the event, but did nothing to intervene since cannibalism is still legal.

The obese, they outnumber us… (May 28)
Two point one billion people are considered obese today, a number that has jumped from 875 million in 1980.
China, Russia, and the United States have been reported to have the highest rate of obese citizens with the UK coming in third in the study.
The study was conducted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME) in Washington, who analyzed surveys, articles, and websites from across the world.

Jihad against pork chocolate (May 28)
Malaysian Muslims have called for a Jihad on the popular chocolate company Cadbury.
Known for their chocolate Easter bunnies, some of the confectioner’s chocolates has been found to contain traces of porcine DNA, a substance Muslims cannot consume.
Cadbury Malaysia is now pulling the contaminated chocolates off shelves, stating in a Facebook post that making sure their products are halal (allowed for consumption) “very seriously.”

One step for cars, one giant leap towards robot apocalypse (May 29)
Google is building prototype cars that do not require steering wheels or brake and acceleration pedals.
Chris Urmson, Google’s director of autonomous vehicles, revealed in a blog post Tuesday night that Google is aiming to build cars that have only two seats, a little passenger space, and a few buttons for directions.

The corner of lung and liver street in cancer city (May 29)
According to a report published in the Journal of Cancer, your chances of contracting certain types of cancer could be influenced by your neighborhood.
By analyzing U.S. census information, researchers found that depending on how affluent your neighborhood is, you are more likely to contract certain cancers such as thyroid, testicular, melanoma, and breast cancer being more prevalent in wealthy areas.
A find by the study shows that while the types of cancers that are more prevalent in poorer areas claim more lives, they have lower rates of cancer.


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