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By Chelsea Galvez |Staff Writer|


Alligator bust (May 15)
An alligator ended a police pursuit in Florida when car thief, Calvin Rodriquez, collided with it in a stolen vehicle while he fled police, according to the Associated Press.
Rodriquez had been on the run for some time after stealing at least five vehicles from the parking lots of several stores.
The condition of the alligator is unknown.


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.26.52 PMStephen’s story (May 15) 
A 19-year-old British boy, Stephen Sutton, has raised over £560,000 ($940,576) in just one year to donate to charity.
After being diagnosed with an incurable cancer at the age of 15, Sutton created a Facebook page titled, “Stephen’s Story”, where he shares a bucket list and other accomplishments he hopes to achieve.
Sutton lost his battle to cancer and died on May 13, leaving his Facebook page to his mother and family to carry on.

bullet-proof-vest-testingBullet proof vest gone bad (May 16)
A 26-year-old man bled to death when he asked his friend to test his bullet proof vest by shooting at him.
The man was visiting with friends when he decided to test the durability of the vest by having an 18-year-old blast away.
The shooter, Taylor Ann Kelly, is currently being held on involuntary manslaughter charges and, if convicted, could go to prison for five years.



1400112416000-MeaslesMeasles vaccine wipes out cancer (May 18)
In an experimental trial at the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis, a woman suffering from blood cancer was injected with a massive dose of a measles vaccine that sent her cancer into complete remission.
The vaccine dose was so large that it could have treated 10 million people.
Doctors hope to continue their experiment by vaccinating other cancer patients and comparing the results.


2541856364_6e50223411Art Classes for NYPD (May 20)
NYPD officers are arming themselves with spray paint amidst a crime rate increase.
Members of the NYPD are attending art-style classes where they are taught to cover up tags with shaded in squares in order to discredit vandals’ work.
Many officers believe this new policy is a waste of time and unethical due to the rise in crime in New York City.



gay-northeastSame sex marriages legal in all Northeastern states (May 20) 
Pennsylvania’s law banning same sex-marriages has been overturned, making the same-sex union legal throughout the Northeast.
Many are rushing to county offices to apply for marriage licenses in fear of license distribution coming to a halt if Republican Governor Tom Corbett repeals the court’s decision.
Corbett has yet to state whether or not he plans to appeal the court’s decision.

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