Chingona Fire brings self empowerment through poetry

Hairuo Yi
Hairuo Yi

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By Hairuo Yi |Staff Writer|

Chingona Fire, a group of poets plans to hold an event of spoken word poetry and self-empowerment Thursday, Nov. 3, from 6 – 8 p.m. at the SMSU room 107.

Felicia De La Isla, a staff member of the Women’s Resource Center said, “Chingona Fire will bring their “perspective of Latino women.”

The main purpose of this event is to remove the stereotype of Latino women and bring confidence to the community.

“There are lots of people not familiar with Latino culture are mixing everything,” said De La Isla.

She thinks attending this event can help Latino women define themselves.

“To attend this event is a perfect way to celebrate Latino communities,” said De La Isla. “…this event can bring two powerful Latino women to share their poetry.”

Salgado of Chingona Fire has performed on campus before, but this will be the first time they will perform as a duo.

Yesika Salgado from Chingona Fire is Salvadorian and wrote a vast number of poems about her process to learn two different languages.

“They do poetry all-around the LA area, as individuals and as Chingona Fire and they are very active in the spoken working community,” said De La Isla who hopes that people from different community groups on campus will be able to relate to the event.

“Poems can hit a lot of things that you don’t always think about,” said De La Isla.

She believes Chingona Fire will bring an unforgettable night to the campus.

“Here is two hours of art, to just enjoy and take a break from everything else outside this poetry and performance,” said De La Isla.

Many students on campus have already shown interest in attending the night of poetry.

“Latino culture is a collective culture and it is very different with American culture,” said Richard Anderson, student. “I have been to some events like that and I am willing to attend this event.”

Some international students think the event is a good opportunity to open communication between different cultures because they can learn more about Latino culture.

“I want to participate in this event because I used to live with two Latino friends and I feel Latino culture is similar with Asian culture,” said Rui Li, student.

This event will be held near the midway part of this quarter, which may be a good break for the students.

“This event is a good way for students to have a break and release during the midterm time, so I will definitely attend this event,” said Li.

Some Coyotes feel this event could help boost their confidence as well.

“Midterm is really stressful for lots of students and they can come to this event to help them get the confidence for midterm,” said De La Isla.

Chingona Fire Facebook page is disseminating details about the event, be sure to check it out!

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