Charli XcX’s mix of goth and pop

By Kimberly Rosales |Staff Writer|

Dark, emotive and eccentric are among the vocabulary used to describe up-and-coming U.K. pop singer Charli XCX.

The nineteen-year-old songstress from London is on her way to making it big this year.

With a voice reminiscent of Gwen Stefani and an eerie electronica sound, Charli has been making a splash in the London scene.

She was recently nominated for MTV U.K.’s Brand New for 2012 list, competing with other new acts including Lana Del Ray and Conor Maynard — Britain’s version of Justin Bieber.

Charli, who has always had a passion for songwriting, started a band at the age of seven.

“It wasn’t really a serious sort of band when I was seven but I was really into writing songs and stuff like that,” she said while laughing off her past experience in an interview with Music News Web.

Charli wrote her first album when she was fourteen with the help from her mother and father. That experience ultimately opened doors and soon she was playing gigs across the London borough of Hackney in warehouse raves.

Charli soon began playing bigger venues such as Royal Festival Hall which prides itself on being one of the “world’s leading performance venues.”

Last year, she debuted an EP titled Stay Away which featuring her popular single Nuclear Seasons and various remixes of her single Stay Away.

Her biggest influences include Kate Bush, Bjork, Austra and Salem, and she takes inspiration from various forms of art.

“Usually, I get a lot of influence from photography and film,” said Charli. ” I really enjoy writing beautiful lyrics that sometimes don’t make sense. Just words that sound good together.”

Charli also achieves satisfaction from interacting with her online fans.

“I’ve always been quite interactive with my fan base with Facebook and Twitter. I really enjoy that,” explained Charli Music News Web. “I think it’s good to interact with people that way. I think it makes them aware that you’re not a robot.”

Though she is on the rise in the U.K., the question remains: will she become a hit in the United States?

Most CSUSB students who were asked about Charli XCX stated that they were unfamiliar her. Nonetheless, Betsabe Bolanos knows who she is and stated” “Personally, I wouldn’t listen to her.”

However, when pressed for her thoughts on Charli XCX’s potential popularity in the U.S., Bolanos suggested, “She’s different and her music is eccentric. People will gravitate towards that kind of music.”

Charli XCX’s music demonstrates much potential, but only time will tell if she can reach a broader global fan base.


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