CeeLo Green Pulls A Beyoncé

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By Jaynene Moreno |Staff Writer|

Personal Facebook PageCeeLo Green came back from a scandal by pulling a Beyoncé and surprising fans with a new album, “TV on the Radio.”

A link was posted on Twitter announcing Green’s new album. It was completely out of the blue, absolutely no one was expecting him to leak a new album.

The album was leaked on Sound Cloud and is now available for download.

In his new album, Green sings over theme songs from popular television shows such as “Peanuts”, “Taxi”, and “Family Ties.”

He gives some credit to the shows by relating his song titles to them.

Some of these credited song titles include “You’re a Good Man, CeeLo Brown” relating to Charlie Brown, “Taxi Cab Confessions” referring to “Taxi”, and bluntly “Family Ties”, referring to “Family Ties.”

The sudden leak can be seen to have both positive and negative effects on Green’s music career.

Positively, the album can reopen ears to Green’s music, reminding anyone who has lost interest how talented he is.

It can also bring him new listeners because of the television show theme song twist. Fans may get a sense of familiarity when listening to the album.

In the song, “You’re a Good Man, CeeLo Brown”, CeeLo said, “Let’s take a little trip down Memory Lane, everybody,” reminding people that the “Peanuts” theme song behind him is a childhood memory for many.

Negatively, it can reduce his album’s sales.

Many listeners prefer not to spend their money purchasing the album when they can download it for free.

Although this is the case for some music listeners, some still choose to show love to their favorite artist by actually buying their own copy of the album.

“I usually listen to the album for free online and if I really enjoy the album I go on and purchase it at the

store,” said Satenik Muradyan, a fifth year student.

Green’s past date rape scandal can also play a role in his sale reduction. He had previously been accused of drugging a woman and having sexual relations with her without her consent, but was not arrested.

Green had disappeared for a while after tweeting, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” in response to the rape accusations.

He then deactivated his Twitter and then reactivated it with an apology regarding his idiotic tweet.

Although these accusations can be held against him, others still hold different opinions regarding his music.

Whether fans want to purchase or download his new album or even still want to listen to his music at all, “TV on the Radio” is definitely worth listening to with its catchy beats and lyrics.



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