CCAA golfer of the year

By Mackenzie von Kleist |Staff Writer|

Big man on campus and golfer extraordinaire, Kenny Pigman ,received CCAA player of the year for CSUSB.

The highest honor within the division is CCAA player of the year and is selected by all the coaches within the conference.

To gain this prestigious award, athletic performance and ability to work with a team is not only key but vital.

“I feel good about the award,” said Kenny Pigman. “I don’t want to focus on that, my goal is to win nationals. I feel accomplished for getting it, but nationals are the one thing on my mind right now.”

According to CSUSB , Pigman fired a 3-under-par 213 over 54 holes and tied for fifth place at the past tournament, paving the way with the help of his teammates for the success of this golf season.

However, Pigman’s confidence has seemingly been enhanced by the award and his focus for regionals goes untouched.

“I had a scoring average under par this whole year which is 71, I was somewhere around 30 under par,”said Pigman.

“I’m not playing at my peak performance level, I played better last summer”, said Pigman. “Ask a professional golfer on the PGA tour, they will tell you they like 10 out of 70 shots they hit. I make a lot of good shots, but I’m not making the putts I usually make.”

Obvious to most ,is the fact that athletes must practice, train and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and contain optimal strength that is up to par. Without this mentality, athletes wouldn’t be as successful.

Next time you find yourself being a couch potato or eating burgers and fries in your dorm from the Santos Manuel Student Union, try and remember the athletes around campus that you will more than
likely find at the gym and get yourself motivated by watching their workout regime.

“I don’t work out during the season because it affects my swing”, said Pigman. “Off season I hit the gym hard and try to get bigger to make my swing faster. A lot of resistance training, a lot of reps, a lot of shoulder and back routines are part of my intense workout.”

If you’re asking yourself how this athlete doesn’t work out during his season yet was able to receive such a high honor from the CCAA, look no further than the golf courses surrounding you and you are sure to find Pigman playing a round or two, or four.

“I don’t practice, I play a lot”, said Pigman. “You can find me at Oak Query, Goose Creek as well as Empire Lakes since I work there.”

With such a massive amount of time devoted to this tremendously difficult sport the big man on campus has a major plan for his future in golf.

“I’m turning professional, I don’t know when, maybe September 2011, hopefully May 2012”, said Pigman. “I’m going to finish school first, I want to accomplish that because I’ll be traveling a lot around the country.”

Get your autographs now from this CCAA player of the year, with such great future aspirations from Pigman who knows where and who we will see him playing against, maybe Tiger Woods or Rory Mcllory?

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