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By Erika Aguilar |Staff Writer|

Oct. 22

Homeless man killed while sleeping

A crash in Ocean Beach, San Diego killed a 60 year-old homeless man while he was sleeping under a tree, on Saturday morning, according to Fox 5 news.

The driver was going eastbound on I-8 but in a matter of seconds, lost control of the car and ended up crashing into a tree where the man was sleeping, according to police officers.

After the accident, two people helped the driver out of the car and he was taken to UCSD Medical Center for his injuries.


A man shot seeks help from 7-11

A man was shot in the arm early Monday morning, near Highland Avenue in San Bernardino and drove to 7-Eleven to seek help.

Eddie Freenman who works at 7-Eleven helped the man by wrapping a towel around his wound while another customer assisted him.

The man was awake and alert when he was taken to the hospital, police officers are still looking for the shooter, according to The Sun Shootings.

Rain could bring mudslides to the Inland Empire

Rain is in the forecast for the Inland Empire for the upcoming days and people who live in areas affected by the wildfires are now being alerted to take precautions in case of a possible mudslide occurring, according to San Bernardino County officials.

The rain in the Inland Empire on Sunday night, which continued Monday afternoon, dropping almost 2 inches of rain, did not cause any dangers, according to The Sun Storms.

Authorities have advised individuals to be prepared and have a plan that includes signing up for emergency alerts, also knowing where fire stations are located and always having an emergency kit ready.

An app was the first response to a rescue
Madeline Dahl, a 23 year-old nurse who works at Seattle’s University of Washington Medical Center received an alert on her phone that reported someone in need of help in her area and she ended up saving the person’s life, according to CNN News.

After receiving the alert along with a map, Dahl went outside the hospital to look for the person who needed help and found Zach Forcade, a medical student helping Stephen DeMont who had fallen.

Forcade told someone to call 911 and that same call alerted several of the people who had downloaded an app known as PulsePoint which was the same alert Dahl received that helped keep DeMont’s heart beating, according to CNN News.
Man arrested for destroying Trump’s Hollywood star
James lambert Otis was arrested for destroying presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, according to The Sun Vandalism News.

Otis, from Beverly Hills, said he took a sledgehammer to smash Trump’s star because he was frustrated by the candidate’s way of exploiting women and sexually assaulting them. He planned to sell Trump’s star to raise money for organizations that support women, according to The Sun Vandalism News.

During the arrest he was charged with vandalism and was cooperative since he had already planned to turn himself in before getting arrested, said Los Angeles police.

Delivery driver falls into a 50-foot hole

A delivery driver fell into a 50-foot hole and was trapped at a construction site in Beverely Crest on Thursday morning.

The 30 year-old man arrived at the site at about 8:30 a.m.. When he was exiting his truck, he stepped on some plywood that was covering a steep hole on the construction area and fell inside.

At around 9:35 a.m., firefighters introduced fresh air into the hole by a “confined space ventilation system”, he was pulled out of the hole with a rope and was taken in an ambulance for minor cuts, according to KTLA5 News.


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