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By Michael Isberto |Features Editor|

April 23 – Train kills “goatman” hunter

A woman was killed by a train in Dayton, OH, while investigating the urban legend of the “goatman.”
Roquel Bain and her boyfriend were on their way to a “haunted” tour of Waverly Hills Sanatorium when they stopped to explore the train tracks.
Bain was hit by the train and fell off the elevated train tracks.
The coroner pronounced her dead on the scene.
Residents say the urban legend has been taking lives for many years, according to WTOL.

April 24 – Bank teller’s charm serves up justice

A bank robber changed his mind after deciding a female cashier at the Santander bank in the United Kingdom was too sweet to steal from.
The perpetrator, Edward Gilbert, later went back to rob the same bank in an attempt to rob it again, but was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Gilbert was under the influence of drugs, according to Leicester Mercury.


April 25 – Ebony and ivory not in harmony  

A woman in Ohio sued a sperm bank for giving her the incorrect sperm from an African-American donor.
Jennifer Cramblett was intended to receive the donation from a Caucasian male, but found out five months into her pregnancy of the mistake.
Cramblett said she’s not prepared for the task of “transracial parenting,” according to ARS Technica.



April 26 – Purrrpetuator strikes London

Reports of a serial cat killer have surfaced in north London. A rising number of mutilated cats have shown up in the districts of Richmond, Tottenham and Streatham.
The alleged serial killer is known as the “Croydon cat killer.”
PETA announced a reward for $7,000 for information leading to the arrest of the killer, according to The Washington Post.

April 27 – Webslinger strikes man’s penis

A 21-year-old construction worker in Australia was rushed to the hospital after a deadly spider bit his penis in a portable toilet.
The poisonous redback spider causes more than 250 hospital visits a year, according to the Huffington Post.
The man survived the incident.



April 28 – Plane gets soiled

A man was arrested for urinating on a plane mid-flight from San Francisco to Charlotte.
Passengers reported that Jordan Gardner, 28, pulled his pants down and began urinating on the floor of the plane.
Gardner was met by police and arrested at the airport when the plane landed, according to

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