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By Jordan Mitchell |Staff Writer|

Toddler mistakenly sentenced to life (FEB 23)
A Cairo court sentenced toddler Ahmed Mansour Sharara to life in prison on Feb. 16.
Sharara allegedly killed three people and destroyed private and public property during an anti-government protest in 2014.
Sharara was only 16 months old.
Government officials insist it was a case of mistaken identity and the suspect is a man in his fifties, according to CNN.

Strip club clients blackmailed (FEB 24)
Customers of Switzerland’s largest strip club have received threatening letters demanding ransom.
Between 50 and 60 people who attended the “Globe” in Schwerzenbach received letters demanding $2,000 in bitcoin, a virtual currency, in exchange for alleged photos that were taken at the club.
The sender stated, “We are moralists and you are our target… we will destroy your life, the way you do it with others.”
As a result, strip club security has increased, according to NBC News.

Teens drink sanitizer in Sweden (FEB 24)
Hand sanitizer is now sold behind the counter in some Swedish pharmacies due to the high number of teenagers drinking them to get drunk.
Teenagers have been mixing hand sanitizer with fruit juice to create a more pleasant flavor.
Some hand sanitizers contain as much as 85 percent alcohol, according to BBC News.
The legal age to purchase alcohol in Sweden stores is 20 but the drinking age in bars and restaurants is 18.


Passenger given $1,500 for sitting in urine (FEB 25)
Mike Feinberg, an American Airlines passenger, was awarded $1,500 after sitting in a urine soaked seat in first class.
An attendant stated a passenger on a previous flight had difficulty reaching the restroom.
American Airlines provided Feinberg with a shower and a clean pair of pajamas after he landed in Des Moines, Iowa. He was given compensation of $1,000 plus an additional $500 to replace the suit he was wearing at the time of the incident, according to UPI News.

Find your mate by body odor (FEB 25)
Two New York artists created a dating service that matches potential couples by body odor.
Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne created Smell Dating, a project limited to 100 participants.
A one time fee of $25 is required, and participants receive a shirt in the mail they must wear for three days without the use of deodorant or perfume.
After three days, the shirt is returned and the participant smells the shirts of ten other people, ranking which smell they like most.
If individuals pick each other’s, scent information is exchanged, according to MSN News.
Citizens Sell Their President on eBay  (FEB 25)
Egyptian citizens put their president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, for sale on eBay.
Sisi has been president since June 2014. Many political groups boycotted his election but Sisi won 97 percent of the vote.
The highest bidder on eBay offered more than $100,000 for the president but the post has been taken down, according to MSN News.



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