Caruso hopes to get second chance at big league dreams

By Britney Carter |Staff Writer|

After declining to pursue a career in the MLB last season in order to finish his last year at CSUSB, Corey Caruso has great expectations for himself and his team this upcoming season.

Caruso was drafted in the 50th round of the 2011 MLB draft by the Miami Marlins last year.

However, he chose to stick with his education and elected to wait until after his senior year to once again enter the draft and hopefully, the big leagues.

“It felt great to be drafted,” said Caruso. “I felt honored, but it really worked out for me to go next year.”

Although he considered it a great pleasure and honor to be drafted during his junior year, Caruso feels it was in his best interest to wait until the following season to begin his professional baseball career.

He is very optimistic for the draft on June 6 and has faith that he will get a second chance at going pro.

Will the Marlins come back for the gifted Coyote pitcher? It is not certain, but Caruso is ready for any curve ball that will be thrown at him.

“The one team I would love to play for would be the Angels,” said Caruso. “But I’ll accept a position on any team that signs me.”

Since the tender age of eight, Caruso has had a passion and love for baseball.

His journey began playing t-ball, continued on through middle and high school and has brought him to the collegiate level, where he aspires and expects to make it to the professional level.

After graduating from Norco High School in 2008, Caruso took his talents to Riverside Community College where he began to play at the pitcher position. Caruso admits it was difficult to switch from the outfield, a position he had played for a good portion of his career, to the mound.

He feels that the change was for the best.

“I switched because I thought I could be better as a pitcher,” stated Caruso. “Pitchers don’t hit, so it gave me the opportunity to focus on just pitching.”

After receiving his associate’s degree in 2010, Caruso enrolled in CSUSB to play in the 2010-11 season.

Here, his pitching career was jumpstarted when he recorded 44 strikeouts with just 19 base on balls during his first season.

It’s no wonder teams were so eager to sign him.

Although the current season has just begun, Caruso is excited for the season the Coyotes have ahead of them.

“There are few new players who are going to make a big impact on how we do this year,” said Caruso. “This is one of the best teams I have played with.”

For the dedicated pitcher, education and family have always been on top of his priorities list.

As a business law major, Caruso understands the importance of maintaining excellent grades.

Head coach Don Parnell is aware of the importance of education.

“If we have to study for an exam or anything, the coaches are lenient,” said Caruso.

Although Caruso is looking forward to be being drafted in the MLB at the end of this season, he still has other plans to look forward to.

Caruso anticipates going to grad to school to receive his master’s in business law and one day would like to inherit the family construction business his father started 23 years ago.

His father, Richard Caruso, has been one of his most influential supporters.

With the close relationship he holds with his father, Caruso has found inspiration and motivation.

“He has always told me to grab the bull by the horns,” said Caruso. “Meaning it is your life, no one can live it for you.”

Caruso understands the value of hard work, and knows that through it, he can reach success.

“If you work hard at it, true hard work can translate to success,” said Caruso.

With the work, dedication and determination that Caruso has put into his baseball career and education, it will come as no surprise to see him striking out some of the game’s greatest players in the near future.




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