Career center fashion show turns future employees heads

By Carolina McCarthy |Staff Writer|

CSUSB’s annual Fashion Show was held in the Santos Manuel Student Union this past Tuesday Nov. 8.

This eye-opening event is thrown by the Career Center every year to give students an insight into what is considered appropriate attire for the workplace.

Groups of CSUSB students proudly walked the catwalk in front of a professional table of judges to see if their attire was worthy of a career.

The judges ranged from all different career fields, from fashion design to Target. Victoria Seitz, Francesca Hughes, Hardy Brown, Kate Nelson and Alfred Duel were the five judges on this year’s panel.

A few of them have also been known to recruit for their respective companies here on campus.

When the clock struck twelve, anxious students awaited outside the balloon-covered event center entrance.

“I am very excited to see what the students will be wearing in the fashion show,” said student Melissa Flores,  “A lot of people have no idea what to wear to interviews and I think that this event is important.”

Through the middle of the sprawling room a lifted catwalk dominated the scene, with dazzling lights casting down from above.

The catwalk groups were separated into three different categories.

The first was the interview category. The models were dressed to the nines, from heels and fitted skirts to attire less ‘professional.’ After the models walked the stage, the judges began their critiques.

“First opinions are everything,” the judges said.

They stressed that when going for an interview, one must show confidence. Pants should be tailored and good hygiene should be demonstrated..

Jackets are always good for interviews, the judges said, especially for females. They concluded this category by encouraging to dress to impress the age group of the company, not friends.

The next category was business casual. The judges stepped up their critiques a few notches.

“Dress for the job you aspire to have,” they stressed.

Another tip they gave students was to dress if you were going to be on your feet for eight hours, which immediately eliminated high heels.

The last category the participants modeled for the judges was the “Casual Friday” category.

These participants strolled down the runway in attire ranging from tennis shoes and jeans to slacks and blouses.

The judges quickly reminded the group that even though it is “Casual Friday” the attire should still maintain a positive reflection of the company. They also stressed the importance of clean shoes.

A final tip the panel made at the end was no matter what the work day always keep your attire professional and fitting to your silhouette.

At the end of the event, the audience was encouraged to drop by the Career Center with any further questions.

With a lot more knowledge and preparation than before, the audience then filtered from the building and into the cutthroat arena of the business world.


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