Canadian finds second family with softball team

By Hannah Alanis |Staff Writer|
From almost 1,500 miles away, Cassidy Lee was able to catch the attention of CSUSB softball coaches.

For this Vancouver native, softball is life.

Lee explained, “There weren’t many options for softball players back home. I chose CSUSB because it’s one of the toughest conferences in division two. California also has great weather, and I’m still only a two hour flight home to my family.”

Lee has heated up the mound this season with 42 strikeouts in 56 innings. She started 10 games and completed 6 of them with a 3.75 Earned Run Average (ERA).

On the pitcher’s mound and in the field, Lee has demonstrated leadership during her four-year career as a Coyote women’s softball player.

Head Coach Tracy Duncan describes Lee as “our go-to-pitcher. She has good movement, she’s consistent and she keeps batters off balance.”

With practice almost every day and double headers twice a week the lady ‘Yotes have become her second family.

Coach Tracy highlights the teams unique sportsmanship when she explained, “They root for each other to succeed … everyone is genuinely happy for their teammates to do well.”

In the short amount of time she has off the field, you can find her watching her favorite team the Vancouver Canucks or doing homework in the study hall.

Keeping up the GPA as well as being a full time student is a requirement to play sports here at CSUSB.

“Maintaining a good GPA is hard with all the practicing and traveling” said Lee.

Hoever, Lee has been able keep her focus and soon she’ll be graduating with a degree in Business Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

Living on her own for the first time has also proven to be a challenge.

“Whenever I get homesick, the hardest part is realizing I just have to deal with it” said Lee.

Lee’s dream is to work for her hometown hockey team the Vancouver Canucks, but she wouldn’t mind working for the Los Angeles Kings if the opportunity presented itself.

She clearly is on a path to achieve her goals due to her determination and hard work ethic.

Both the coaching staff and Lee have high expectations of the team this season.

“We have a strong team this year, we should go far. I’d like to see the fan base grow. Not many people know that CSUSB offers a softball program. It’s easier to play when you have a fan base. It’s also tough when your visiting team has more fans,” said Lee.

So far this season the team is 6-0 home and 6-10 away.

“We’re more comfortable in our own environment. We’re used to our field, we get the last at bat and we have our fans to cheer us on. I feel a lot less pressure at home,” said Lee.

Lee relies on the motivation of her coach and teammates to help her during away games.

“Every team has a disadvantage when they’re away. It’s all about having the last at bat. We haven’t struggled; we’ve lost four games in the last inning against top teams, that’s pretty great. This is the best and most cohesive team I’ve ever had. The girls truly fight, and that’s why they’ll go into post season,” said Coach Tracy.

Lee and her teammates are working hard to put on an exciting season, so come out and watch the CSUSB women’s softball team!


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