Campus Sweets and Treats

Large selection of mascaras, beauty blenders, eye shadow pallets, and more.

Large selection of mascaras, beauty blenders, eye shadow pallets, and more.

By Genely Barajas |Staff Writer|

Students can indulge in their makeup, clothing, music, and food fixes every Wednesday and Thursday via campus vendors.

There are around five different vendors that set up between the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) and the John M. Pfau Library.

Women’s clothing, beauty products, music records, body jewelry and piercings, iPhone tech, and other miscellaneous items are all available with prices ranging from $1 to $35.

Students can also snack in between classes from either Alex and Son’s fresh fruit and fruit water booth, or Suite 106 Cupcakery food truck.

Vendors on campus provides another opportunity for students to find what they want or need without needing to leave the university.

“You don’t have to go anywhere drastic to get stuff, you just go on campus—it’s a lot easier,” said student Denise Kollock.

Sometimes students need to make a quick pit stop to pick up a few essentials or need a little distraction from class stress.

“It would be nice to have more vendors come to our campus and on many days because it would attract a lot more students,” continued Kollock.

Sellers must meet with SMSU administration and create a contract on what items they may sell in order to become vendors.

Vendors can be off-campus sellers, CSUSB faculty/staff/administration, or students.

Vendors must have a renters fee and valid certification to sell.

The requirements are strictly specific, and state which prohibitions vendors must avoid in order not to lose their permission to sell.

Requirements and paperwork are accessible through the CSUSB website.

“We sell at other schools but this campus is especially fun because we are just so familiarized with the students and they know us,” said Beauty and a Beat vendor Elli Amado. “It has become a friendly little community here,” Amado continued.  

Selling at college campuses may be enticing but CSUSB vendors are by invitation-only.

According to Alex and Son’s vendor Jesus Llamas, the Student Health Center reached out to them about six years ago in “an effort to promote healthy food choices for the students.” 

“We like coming here because we like making the students happy. We even received an award for 2012-2013 for successfully selling all the fruit with no incidents or problems,” said Alejandro Llamas. 

Alex and Son’s consider themselves to be farmer market pioneers because they started their business, selling only top produce.

“Sixty percent of what we sell we grow it, and on Wednesdays we get up at 3 a.m. to head to LA to get the mangoes and the pineapples and come back to sell it,” explained Llamas.

The vendors are dedicated to providing exceptional service and have been part of the CSUSB community for many years.

“I’ve been here for about 15 years or longer, I occasionally sell at other special events but only this campus,” said Dorine Davis, founder of Dorine’s Fashions.

Newer vendors also enjoy selling their products on campus.

“Our first day has been okay. I see lots of people,” said jewelry booth vendor, Sopon Puangraj.

Sopon’s booth made a reappearance today after taking a short break from selling to students.

“I used to sell on this campus around 10 years ago until I had to stop. Today is my first day back. I had to take turns because I do many types of shows where I have to travel,” explained Sopon.


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