Campus parking fees are steep

Parking & Transportation ServicesBy Rachel Rundengan |Staff Writer|

The Parking & Transportation Services is a place most students on campus have encountered at least once in their college career at CSUSB.

Students often dread to visit, whether it would be for the quarterly permit or a parking citation that needs to be paid.

When asked for an interview regarding the allocation of money, permit and ticket pricing, and what the staff members’ job entails, silence ensued.

Many students have complained about the amount of money spent each year just for a parking space at school.

“I didn’t mind paying the $102 each quarter when I have to go to school everyday,” stated alumnus Rebecca Sitorus.

“However, there was a time where I only had to go to school once a week, and that $102 became a burden to my education,” added Sitorus.

Some students cannot afford to spend $102 each quarter, so there would be times when they would park outside of campus.

Though parking outside of the campus would save one more money, on the other hand, it demands more energy and time from a person.

And sometimes, doing so could jeopardize the vehicle being towed.

“One time, I parked outside of school and the next thing I know, my car got towed,” said student Christian Romero.

“I couldn’t afford the parking permit because it was just too pricey for me,” added Romero.

No one really knows or understands why the pricing is arranged the way it is.

“The university abuses us for parking, and we really can’t do much about it,” concluded Romero.

Aside from the cost of the parking permits, another top complaint students tend to bring up is the parking citation.

A parking citation will cost $54.

Individuals who receive a parking citation and believe that extraordinary or mitigating circumstances warrant waiver of their parking fine may petition the Parking Services Department for reconsideration.

However, if a person failed to pay the citation or appeal within 21 days from the date of issue, late fees will be applied.

In addition, a hold may be placed on the student’s account and any unpaid citations will eventually show on the student’s Department of Motor Vehicle renewal for his/her vehicle.

The Parking & Transportation Services vision is to provide efficient management of parking and transportation resources.

The Parking & Transportation Services office is located in University Hall in room 039.

For more information, you can visit the website at, or contact the department at (909) 537-5912.

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