Campus housing hassle

By Alejandra Arana |Staff Writer|

If you are thinking of moving to the on-campus housing that is available at CSUSB, don’t do it!

Housing charges way too much money to live in their little rooms with random people that cause too many problems.

They rarely allow residents to change rooms unless they jump through all the hoops put in place for us to deal with.

Having to deal with loud, obnoxious and rude roommates and neighbors is ridiculous and uncalled for. It needs to be easier to move to a different room, but campus housing just makes your life hard if you try to.

I do not pay over $700 a month to be kept up until 2 a.m. every night just because the people above me like to play the music extremely loud and stomp on the floor as they walk the 15 steps from room to kitchen.

When students apply to live on campus, they are made to sign forms of agreement that specifically say the rules of a roommate change so students know what they are getting themselves into.

Housing allows room changes only if they are justifiable by their rules and if they have the space to move people around. According to the housing website, information is provided to students about room changes and ways to solve problems among roommates.

But, they make everything so time-consuming and stressful by having to have every form approved, all sorts of appointments set up and showing proof of your reason.

My friend Maria Medel moved out fall quarter from Serrano Village after a very long process that left her stressed beyond compare.

“It was such a long process to even ask to move out, I had to go to housing ask for a form, get that form approved then fill out another form that asked me to prove my reasons for wanting to move out, and then wait until that was approved,” said Medel.

Some residents have to be approved by their Resident Assistant (RA). If approved by them the resident has to go to their Area Coordinator of Residential Education by appointment only and then they may be eligible to be approved to move out.

“I totally agree that housing takes too long to change rooms for students,” said Cristin Hoel, who was my roommate last year and with whom we shared a very rough year with one particular roommate.

It took three separate meetings, along with some  individual interviews and hours from our schedule to get that one roommate out of our apartment for being rude and disrespectful.

If housing  made the process easier students would be happier residents and more people would recommend others to live on campus.

If the process of changing rooms doesn’t become easier then more students will want to live off-campus and there will be vacant rooms that are not providing revenue to CSUSB.

So CSUSB students, think about your room situation right now.

If you are a student looking for roommates to live on campus with: save your money and go someplace else.

You’ll save buckets of money a month, live with your friends without worrying about everyone around you and still be able to get a good education.


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