Campus eateries not cutting it for students

By Erika Martinez |Staff Writer|

Whenever I think about eating on campus, I get this upset feeling in my stomach, and in my wallet.

Luckily that doesn’t happen enough.

I eat on campus sometimes, when I don’t find the time to go home and fix a hot plate. It’s only a two minute drive.

But when there are those days that I must eat on campus, I go for the usual, the 99 cent soft taco from Taco Bell.

I’ve grown tired of that, and with the news that broke out that Taco Bell wasn’t using “real” meat; I’ve totally isolated myself from the fast food restaurant.

With prices on the rise of just about everything, food included, it’s hard to decide what to eat and how much to spend.

It bothers me that the food on campus is a bit more expensive than food off-campus. I can’t help but compare these prices to prices elsewhere.

On most days I bring my own lunch and snacks to school, the usual sandwich. Along with that,

I buy some chips from the vending machine for $1.

But today was different; I was by the Coyote Market, located in Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU).

When I found the chips that I thought would complement my sandwich, I decided to get them. Turns out the bag of chips are smaller in size.

As I pull out the dollar to pay for it, the cashier says “$1.30”.

I’m in shock.

I can buy a bigger bag for a $1.29 at the gas station on University Avenue.

So, after paying for what should have been a bigger bag of chips, I decided to see if any other place has some sort of meal “deals”. Kind of like the dollar menu.

Taco Bell has the tacos that are $.99, but they don’t have the $2 meal that comes with a soda, chips and your choice of a burrito, gordita or taco.

I went to Denny’s Express; Denny’s restaurants have the deal of meals that are $2, $4, $6 or $8. Turns out this Denny’s Express doesn’t because, as the cashier told me, “they’re Express.”

These “meal deals” I like to call, would help out students a lot. It would help me out a lot by staying on campus and not losing my parking spot right in the front.

That’s something that I debate when I don’t bring my sandwich, whether I should spend money on food that can barely fill me up or whether I should go home and lose my parking spot.

For the most part, I end up going home and saving a couple of bucks and losing my precious parking spot.

Yet for some students it doesn’t bother them at all going home to eat, even when they don’t live nearby.

I spoke to Tamara a CSUSB student, who commutes 20 minutes, “The food on campus isn’t expensive, I have two three hour breaks so I go home and eat there”.

The food prices wouldn’t bother me if I went home to eat all the time; unfortunately, I don’t.

So for now like many students I’m stuck searching under rocks for meal deals that help me out and fill me up rather than foraging in the expensive SMSU.