Campus concerns for staff and students

By Michael Isberto |Features Editor|

CSUSB’s plans for renovation this summer have caught the attention of students and faculty alike.

Plans to build a new parking lot, renovation of the Pfau Library, and the expansion of the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) are welcomed by many at CSUSB.

With these plans they are also looking for specific additional changes that most consider should be standard.

Many students and faculty believe that beautification and superficial changes to the campus are dispensable, but the idea of safety and security is essential.

“A university should put the safety and security of its students, staff and faculty, first,” said professor Brandon Johns.

“To that end, it’s important to add locks to classroom doors and increase lighting around campus; indeed, it’s considerably more important than making any cosmetic adjustments,” added Johns.

Professors and students appreciate the plans to make the campus more attractive, but they feel other aspects of the school should be priority.

“The beautification seems a little extraneous for me,” said student Acacia Weber.

“I guess it’s cool that they’re doing this stuff for the 50th anniversary, but it seems like we have other things that need to be taken care of first,” continued Weber.

Safety is the main concern for most on campus particularly in poor lighting.

“I’ve had many classes that end in the evening,” stated Johns.

“When I exit UH, the campus is extremely dark. We are in desperate need of better and more lighting across campus. Better lighting would discourage potential predators. […] Throughout the years, numerous students have expressed to me concern about the lack of lighting on campus. They’re right to be concerned. In all my years, I’ve never experienced a campus darker than ours.”

Professors have also complained about the lack of locks on the doors of certain classrooms, stating that locked doors can save many lives in an emergency.

“That this is so is puzzling,” stated Johns.

“If an active shooter, or otherwise disturbed individual, were to enter UH, he or she would be able to walk into many classrooms without any resistance. Having locks on our doors could save lives,” stated Johns.

Some students are content with the way the campus is currently, and would rather see changes in food options. They would rather have tastier, healthier and more affordable food available on campus. The plans for the new dining hall should take care of this demand.

Other changes students would like to see on campus is faster Wi-Fi connecting.

“The Wi-Fi should be strong enough to handle everyone on campus at once,” said student Abel Salgado.
“It should be upgraded. In all honesty, as a school it should be able to handle all that information. It is crashing all the time or it just cancels out. That’s a problem the school needs to fix,” added Salgado.

Upgrades to the CSUSB campus are welcomed with open arms by faculty and students alike.

They also believe that there are other more important things that should be on the table as well. According to students, a thing like campus safety is crucial.


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