“California Nights” sounds like background noise

Tiffany Moyes |Staff Writer|

Best Coast, a band created in 2009 from Los Angeles, consists of two members, songwriter and lead vocalist, Bethany Cosentino, and guitar and multi-instrumentalist, Bobb Bruno.

“California Nights” lacks any originality and does not live up to its previous success.

From the beginning, you are in a trance, and it seems peaceful, but as it progresses from track to track, you begin to wonder if you accidentally hit repeat on the same song.

The variety is lackluster, and the sound is the generic hipster, indie-rock sound.

“I’m not disappointed, but it is like something they have released,” said student Justin Wolcott.

The sounds and tunes of the album make me feel as though I’m in an American Eagle store just background music that I don’t pay attention too.

With “California Nights” being the first single that was released from the album, this was by far the most impressive as the lyrics were easy to listen to and somewhat enjoyable.

One of the main lyrics of this song is “California nights make me so happy, I could die but I’m trying to stay alive.” This is a lyric that relates to many people who are trying to survive and stay happy in life.

This excitement was not long lived though with another song on the album titled “Heaven Sent”.

The lyrics in this song were very similar to their previous albums and not in a good way.

Cosentino, lacks the vocal range needed to showcase any true emotion.

Throughout the whole album, it seems as though she is singing the same song over and over again but with different lyrics.

Bruno’s instrumentals would put any person to sleep and has no variety in the sounds he makes.

By the middle of the album, it all just sounds the same, and at one point the songs just sound like a garage band trying to win a high school talent show.

Best Coast is that band that was late to the party, and is trying to catch up.

Its sounds and lack of emotion will keep it from moving forward and it is a surprise to me that they were even able to make another album.

As a duo that is trying to make a name for themselves, they do not distinguish themselves from other duos, such as The White Stripes, Tegan and Sara, and Matt and Kim.

“I’ve never heard of them, and to be honest I thought you had asked me what coast was the best coast,” said student Jessica Menjivar.

It is no surprise that many of the students here on campus have never heard of Best Coast.

“It’s too echoey, hopefully when they release their next album it will be better, some bands just have a few hits and a few misses,” said student Miguel Torres.

With “California Nights” being the band’s third album, Best Coast has never really been able to live up to its successful first album “Crazy for You” back in 2010.

Their second album “The Only Place”, had a cleaner sound, but didn’t have as much success as the first.

Best Coast doesn’t seem as though it will ever make a big name for itself, and will soon be one of those bands that took part in the indie rock era, but never made it.

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