California has the highest tuition increase in the nation

By Kara Dement |Staff Writer|

California once was considered to have the best-value public universities in the world according to Justin Pope of the Associated Press.

California has seen the highest tuition increase in the nation while the  CSU’ system has specifically gone up 21 percent; which is the largest in any state according to a source on

The CSU Board of Trustees raised the CSU tuition for this fall by 12 percent .

This increase went into effect for not just CSUSB but the remaining 22 CSU schools as well.

The average annual cost was raised for full-time undergraduates by $588 to $5,472 which is more than triple what students used to pay.

Pope reported that President of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, Patrick Callan said, “For 25 years we’ve been putting more and more money into financial aid, and tuition keeps going up. We’re on a national treadmill.”

Callan implies that rise in tuition is solely caused by people needing more financial aid. Along with the recession, tax revenues prompted the states including California to slash higher education according to Larry Gordon, blogger on

Gordon mentioned in his blog that the $650 million state budget cut aimed at California’s higher education system is also another leading factor in why California has the highest tuition increase in the nation.

CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget, Robert Turnage believes that the CSU system will be facing an additional $100 million budget cut on top of the already in act $650 million cut.

“I think the rise in tuition and the budget cuts we’re facing sucks. It makes me want to go to school out of state. They need to find an alternative rather than keep charging more and more for school. I’m afraid a lot of the CSU’s will no longer remain if it keeps going up”, said student Oanh Tuong.

Tuong and the majority of her friends seem to feel the same way about CSUSB’s rise in tuition. Sandy Baum of the Los Angeles Times, said the only way to get a college education without paying the ridiculous prices is to shop smartly for an affordable degree.

CNN Money stated in a press release that the CSU system, as well as other California colleges, are required to post a net price calculator that will allow students and family to see what freshman year would possibly cost them before attending school or even applying. This began Oct. 29.

Sources on stated that this could cause a loss of students applying to CSU schools.


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