Building your résumé over the summer

By Estefania Torres |Asst. A&E Editor|

Summer is a time when students are looking forward to fun vacations, cool vibes and no school.

Not many students take into consideration that this may be the perfect time to start being productive and begin building a résumé.

It is crucial to continuously be active in the field one plans on working in, especially during a long break.

By this I mean, if one is going to be spending about three months sitting around, watching television and doing nothing, might as well do something productive that will help in the long term.

An internship is always a great start in constructing your future résumé; the résumé that will be presented to future employers.

Employers want to see experience—not necessarily job experience but something that proves to them that you are somewhat educated in the field you would be working in.

“A staggering 95 percent of employers said candidates experience is a factor in hiring decisions,” according to from an annual survey on the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Experience can range from all sorts of different activities, but the most popular and for some, the most enjoyable, is an internship.

“During my last year at CSUSB I got an internship during the summer because I had all my other quarters full with classes. I have to admit that it was one of the best decisions ever. Not only did I not waste my time doing nothing, it helped me get the job I have today,” said alumnus Natalie Rojas.

Another great way to build a résumé is to volunteer at a place that is related to the field you are majoring in.

Volunteering can be like an internship, except it is a less formal way of gaining experience.

Hours are not counted, and scheduling is developed according to your availability.

This is a much more flexible way of gaining experience, especially if you want something more laid back during your break.

“I’m a biology major and in the past I have volunteered at hospitals during the summer and I know that it’s going to help me when I graduate and looking for a real job,” stated student Evelyn Cortez.

Finally, one of the most productive things that a student can do during the summer is to get a job, if they do not already have one.

In any modern job, it will be expected that the applicant has some sort of work experience.

Showing that you have worked at a credible place shows that you have ambition and are disciplined—something that all employers seek for.

Summer jobs do not have to be related to the job you long for, but some experience in the work force is necessary.

The Career Center on campus offers many services and workshops, like how to build your résumé and cover letter.

They also have many great internship opportunities that students should be taking advantage of, like access to different internships and places where experience can be gained.

Instead of lounging around all summer, be productive and build a résumé ready.

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