Bringing beer to the community

By Janet Curiel & Alexander Douglas |Staff Writer and Community Editor|

Micro Breweries have been popping up in the United States in the last few years.

These breweries have created a new wave of people from the community that have switched from macro to microbrew companies and thereby are eliminating the need to rely on getting beers from macro breweries.

One such brewery is Hangar 24 located in Redlands, which just celebrated its nine year anniversary this past May.

The brewery offers a variety of drinks and hosts events throughout the year.

“We have our fans and the public come out and help us pit all the apricots that are going to go into the beer; we give them pizza, we take care of them for the day, just like their taking care of us,” said Ryan Mendez, the Assistant Manager of the brewery.

The Annual pitting party apricots will be used for the Pollycot brew, which will be ready within a few weeks.

Hangar 24 recently had an air show that had a couple of thousand attendees of all ages.

They are the only brewery in the area to have an air show within the community.

The boom of interest in the brewery has within the last year caused at times lines out the door on normal business days.

“We are in three states now. We are in Nevada, California and Arizona, we just opened up another location in Lake Havasu, it’s not a brewery, it’s a restaurant but it’s also our tap,” said Mendez.

Hangar 24 is not the only microbrewery to have events in the area to invite people from the community to attend.

Breweries from all over California are partaking in different events to get people involved in the micro brewing industry.

Stores now have small kits that allow people to create their own brewing setups that they can create beer within their very own homes.

This is creating a connection between microbreweries and the consumers by allowing consumers to see the work that goes into creating beers while making a distinction from macro breweries.

“We’re not going anywhere, we want to be putting on more events so that we get more people in here so our beer gets more popular so people can have a good time and make memories and have fun, that’s what it’s really all about,” said Mendez.


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