Bright future in Vu

By Britney Carter |Staff Writer|

Misty Vu, has helped lead the  Coyote’s water polo team to great victories in the years she has played at CSUSB.

Now with graduation slowly creeping around the corner, Vu must consider where she wants to go next.

“I plan on going to grad school,” said Vu. “But if all else fails, I want to go backpacking in Europe.”

Vu graduated from John W. North High School in 2008 where she originally began her illustrious water polo career. She played all four years and was named first team all-Ivy League for water polo.

In 2009, Vu’s real journey began when she joined the CSUSB water polo team.

“I have a passion for the sport, it’s something that feels so natural.”

It all began with a simple summer class, and ended up becoming a major part of her life.

“To get out of the class we would play dodge ball, my teacher so happened to be the coach and basically recruited me.  Since then I couldn’t get enough of it.” said Vu.

Through her four years of playing in high school, Vu was appointed to the goalie position and played it for her entire four years.

After joining CSUSB’s team she was moved to the field where she is used as a utility player due to her vast array of skills.

This position change was a huge transition for Vu.  However, she embraced the change and decided to make the most out of it.

While inspired by many factors to play volleyball, Vu mostly attributes her passion and success to her mother who is terminally ill and fights for her life daily.

Watching her mother fight so hard to live has moved and inspired Vu over the years to want to be successful in whatever she does.

“She is a strong woman who is fighting for her life everyday,” said Vu. “Her fighting everyday has taught me to fight for things I love.”

Vu expressed how much CSUSB has contributed to her water polo career and life overall.

“Cal State has given me my education,” responded Vu. “The motto stands true—”Come here go anywhere”—and I can’t complain.”


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