Boot camp to whip Coyotes into shape

By Chris Hanley |Staff Writer|

Fitness trainer Garrett Nelson will be the instructor of a fitness boot camp on Saturday May 7 at CSUSB. This workout program will carry a variety of workouts from resistance training to plyometric workouts.

This is about the fifth time that the CSUSB Fitness Center has held this boot camp and this is going to be lots of fun. The fitness session will be held at the Football field at CSUSB so there will be lots of exercises that participants can look forward to learn.

Plyometric exercises will be utilized in the workout through the trainers having the participants step through rings that are put inside of the field. The purpose of plyometric excises is to encourage the person working out to move fast and with strong force.

Participants that get come to this boot camp can learn how to use these plyometric exercises to enable them to see improvement in the way that their nervous system functions. This is very beneficial for individuals to use in their everyday workouts because improving the nervous system is helpful for improving the skill level for any sport activity.

The boot camps use of plyometric workouts is also beneficial for individuals because as these exercises are used the muscles get stronger and it also can prevent muscle injuries as well.

Garret will also be encouraging the participants of the boot camp to get there their arms stronger as they hit the floor and do some push-ups. The benefits of the use of push-ups are great as the pectorals located in the chest area can see improvement through this exercise.

Push-ups also is a good fitness workout for the triceps which is the upper muscle located in the arm and the deltoids which is located in the upper part of the shoulder. People that participate in the boot camp and also expect to get on the bar and do some pull ups.

The pull ups that will be done at the boot camp will help individuals learn how to get down and work there arms and also the latissimus dorsi muscle which is located in the broadest muscle in the back. This exercise will be very intense as the individual must grip the bar with their hands and pull their head above the bar with strong muscle movement.

The boot camp will also have participants exercise on monkey bars as well which is a good muscle exercise for the legs, and arm muscles.


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